Four simple tricks to use old tablets

Four simple tricks to use old tablets

Four simple tricks to use old tablets

With the increasing progress of technology, especially in the field of Android gadgets, the use of old tablets due to the lack of support for software updates from companies and Weak hardware faces a relative reduction compared to new gadgets. However, these devices can still be used in more creative ways to help reduce electronic pollution in addition to having a digital home. Stay tuned with hardware.

Using as a security camera

One of the most practical and best ways to use old tablets. Tablets usually do not have high-quality cameras for taking selfies or taking photos at parties. But they can be used as CCTV cameras. By placing the tablet in the right place and installing software such as ip webcam , the software provides you with an IP address, which by entering it in the computer browser, your system is connected to the tablet camera and you can Monitor and use it.

Use as an assistant in the kitchen

There are many software that help you cook food in the kitchen. These softwares provide you with the recipe for cooking delicious and easy meals, and because of the order they create, they prevent the kitchen from getting dirty to a large extent. Also, by connecting the tablet to the Internet, you can access online TV anywhere in the house. As a result, tablets will be very good companions for building a modern kitchen equipped with the Internet.

use as control

Tablets can be used as controls for devices such as Xbox, TV and even computers. By connecting to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and using software such as WiFi Mouse Pro, you can turn an Android tablet into a mouse and keyboard for a computer and manage them from a distance. Besides, a controller equipped with a music player and internet browser is much more attractive than something that looks like a piece of brick with a series of buttons and keys on it!

Using as a desk clock

By installing a holder base, old tablets can be turned into a stylish and attractive desk clock with weather forecast. dock clock plus software provides you with attractive wallpapers and useful widgets, which can make your desk more useful by installing them.

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