Five ideal wireless keyboards for the Apple iPad Air tablet

Five ideal wireless keyboards for the Apple iPad Air tablet

Five ideal wireless keyboards for the Apple iPad Air tablet

Undoubtedly, iPad Air is the most popular and best tablet on the market. Powerful hardware, excellent screen, low thickness and very impressive and remarkable design have made this product to be among the first choice of many users, despite its high price. The tablet is definitely a very efficient device, but the presence of some accessories such as a keyboard increases the productivity of this popular device. Here we want to get to know five efficient and ideal keyboards for the iPad Air tablet, each of which can improve the level and the way we use this tablet.

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard

This keyboard is an improved version of one of Logitech products are prepared for use with iPad Air by reducing the thickness and slightly changing the design. This simple keyboard weighs only 330 grams and the tablet is placed on it at a suitable angle. The buttons are of Chicklet type and the size of Shift and Enter keys on the right side are suitable and practical.

Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio

This keyboard is one of the simple It is the most buyable product in the market, which includes both cover and keyboard. There are no physical keys in this product, but instead it is resistant to splashing water and when the tablet is inside it, it can also resist splashing water on the tablet to some extent! The keyboard and tablet are connected via Bluetooth, and according to Logitech, its battery life reaches three months! (If it is used three hours a day)

Belkin Ultimate Keyboard

This product is similar With Folio keyboard by Logitech S t, but it is thicker and has benefited from physical keys. On the other hand, this keyboard is made of aluminum and rubber parts and gives the user a better feeling of working with it. This keyboard has a system that automatically activates and deactivates the connection between the keyboard and the tablet. The battery life of Belkin Ultimate Keyboard reaches 264 hours.


ZAGGKeys PROplus

Those who are going to type in dark environments, it is better to go for this keyboard. Go, because to the light The field is equipped for keys. The backlight is available in seven different colors and aluminum and plastic are also used in the production of this product. ZAGG also has some dedicated buttons for iPad Air, and for example, you can activate the Siri feature by pressing one key.

Apple W ireless Keyboard with Incase Origami Workstation cover

Apple’s own wireless keyboard is perhaps the best choice for Apple product lovers. This keyboard has standard size keys and provides the best typing experience. Incase company has also paid attention to this issue by making a special cover called Incase Origami Workstation and has provided conditions for you to use the tablet with Apple’s wireless keyboard. The only limitation of Origami Workstation is the inability to use it as a tablet cover.

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