Facebook also makes a smart speaker

Facebook also makes a smart speaker

Facebook also makes a smart speaker

New reports show that Facebook plans to enter the smart speaker market with two products in the new year. This company plans to revolutionize social networks with touch screen speakers. By presenting this hardware, Facebook will try to create new functionality in social networks to create face-to-face communication between friends and family members, and on the other hand, deal with targeted content and fake news.

It also seems that Facebook has taken unexpected decisions to improve the personal news reader of users. On the one hand, this social network has announced that it will control the number of suggested articles and classify them based on local news and reliable sources from one’s circle of friends, and on the other hand, the number of shared articles has increased individuality through new tools such as Facebook lists to increase discussions in this social network.

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Facebook’s effort in It is expanding to spaces beyond browser and mobile applications. Facebook wants to enter your kitchen and living room. According to the information obtained by DigiTimes, this social network has two hardware products, one with a touch screen under the code name Aloha – which will be introduced under the name Facebook Portal – and a cheaper speaker product under the code name Fiona.

These two devices are products of Facebook hardware laboratory. According to the obtained information, the production of these products will be entrusted to Pegatron. The original plan of Facebook was to introduce these two products by May, but the introduction time has been pushed back to July so that the research and development team has enough time for the quality of the output sound. to improve The mentioned products have the same hardware core and will have fundamental differences with the smart speakers available in the market of other companies.

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