Examining some possible changes in Android 12 from a leaked and unofficial version

Examining some possible changes in Android 12 from a leaked and unofficial version

Examining some possible changes in Android 12 from a leaked and unofficial version

News unit EMGblog.com: It was February 8, 2021 (20 February 2019) By leaking some screenshots of the Android 12 environment, a little with the possible features of this version of Android we met. A little later, on February 18 (Bahman 30), Google officially released the first preview version of Android 12 (for developers) published. But apparently, Google has not yet revealed everything it has in mind for Android 12. The website XDA-developers claims that it has recently gained access to an unreleased version of Android 12. This version comes from an unknown source and looks a bit unstable compared to the official preview version. Of course, different features can be seen in this version, which are likely to make it to the final version.


Finally, we see the ability to take a scrolling screenshot in Android 12, which allows the user to take a long and full-length screenshot of the entire screen. From the published images, it is understood that after the user tries to take a screenshot, a separate window opens and allows the user to crop as much of the screen as they want for their screenshot.

Split screen multitasking

App Pairs feature first introduced by Samsung was introduced allowing the user to open 2 apps simultaneously with a shortcut. In the leaked version, you can swap them with a double tap on the line separating the two applications. It is interesting that the “split screen” button in the recently opened applications section has been renamed to “pin to top”. By tapping this button, the current application will go to the top of the screen and occupy 1/4 of the screen. When you tap on another recently opened app, then each of the two selected apps will occupy half of the screen equally.

Google Assistant

to Android 11, the user could invoke Google Assistant by saying Hey Google or swiping up from one of the bottom corners of the screen. Some manufacturers have also built a separate physical button for this in their devices. But it is said that in the leaked version, by holding down the power button, you can call Google’s voice assistant (of course, this has already been done by many smartphone manufacturers). Apparently, in such a situation, to access the power menu, you have to hold the power button for a few more seconds.

Quick Settings Tile

Images released by XDA-developers show that the buttons on the Quick Settings tile have undergone some changes, both in terms of design and functionality. In Android 11, a functional feature called Device Controls was introduced, which placed smart home controls in the power menu. This feature is still present in Android 12, with the difference that apparently Google has made it possible to access these controls through the quick settings tile. In the leaked version, a device shutdown button has also been added to the quick settings tile. Apparently, this change is suitable for people who like to use the power button only to launch Google Assistant.

Multitasking on tablets

Some of the improvements in the leaked version are related to tablets. In this version, in order to better manage the opened applications and easier access to frequently used applications, a taskbar is considered. Another interesting point is that this version of Android can display 2 different home screens on the tablet at the same time.

Design changes

In the images released by XDA-developers, the volume controls are thicker than before and more rounded in appearance. The same change can be seen for the brightness controls (in the notifications panel). The animations that appear when opening applications have also changed. Another interesting thing is the animation that appears when the battery is charging. When connecting the phone to the charger, a new wave-shaped animation starts from the bottom of the screen and extends upwards.

Of course, there are some problems in the design department. According to experts XDA-developers – who installed their site’s application on the leaked version – this version of Android 12 automatically created a “splash screen” when opening the XDA application. While the XDA application is designed in such a way that it displays the splash screen when it is opened. As such, here the user will inevitably see two splash pages. Such bugs are expected to be fixed in the final version of Android 12. The splash screen is a graphic image that is displayed at the beginning of loading some programs and usually contains the name and logo of the program along with its version.

Other Changes

Some security features have been improved in the leaked version. For example, the operating system will alert you when an application tries to access the data or text you copied (and stored in the clipboard memory). Other changes include improving notifications and allowing location access. Along with this version of Android, new emojis (based on Unicode Emoji 13.1) will also be introduced.

Google is expected to release another preview version of Android 12 to developers by the end of April 2021. The final version of Android 12 is likely to be released in the third quarter of 2021, but as is the practice every year, Google will unveil a preview version of the final version at the Google I/O event next month. It should be noted that the things mentioned in this article are taken from an unofficial source (XDA-developers website) and all the changes seen in the leaked XDA version may not make it to the final version of Android 12.

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