Dominance of Apple and Google default applications in their operating systems

Dominance of Apple and Google default applications in their operating systems

Dominance of Apple and Google default applications in their operating systems : If you are an iPhone user, most likely more Your most used apps are a product of Apple itself. Similarly, if you own an Android phone, you can guess that most of your most used applications are powered by Google be developed. These propositions are actually the result of a research conducted in December last year by the Comscore market analysis institute. The results of this research – which on Wednesday, July 7, 2021 (16 July 1400) exclusively on The Verge website published – it was actually ordered and sponsored by Facebook; A company that became one of Apple’s serious critics after introducing new privacy features in iOS 14.5.

To conduct this research, Comscore company in December 2020, in addition to data collected from applications and websites In its case, it also directly surveyed about four thousand American users and asked them questions about the default applications they used in the previous month (November 2020). The findings of this research show that 75% of the 20 most used applications by American iPhone users in November 2020 were actually the same applications developed by Developed by Apple and installed by default on iPhones. In the same way, 60% of the top 20 Android applications were among the default Google applications in this operating system. . It is interesting to know that the top 4 applications on both iOS and Android platforms were produced by Apple and Google.

20 top apps on iOS and Android operating systems

According to Comscore findings, Facebook is the only non-App company with two apps in the top 20 iOS apps. Also, the only company other than Google that has 3 representatives in the top 20 Android apps is again Facebook. In the field of basic services – such as weather, photo and clock – it has the upper hand with default applications, and therefore it will be very difficult for developers other than Apple and Google to compete with these applications. Of course, it is not the case that users always prefer default applications. For example, Apple Maps and Apple Music do not appear in the top 20 iOS apps. In another example, looking at the top Android list, it is clear that most of the users use the Samsung calculator app. They prefer the Google calculator.

According to Facebook spokesman Joe Osborne, the company paid for such a study to show the impact of default apps on the competitive landscape of the app ecosystem. Facebook executives have long criticized Apple for imposing restrictions on non-App developers, saying it limits Facebook’s ability to offer mobile games and compete effectively with iMessage.

Apparently, Facebook has chosen the right time to publish the results of this research, because currently, the performance of Apple and Google is read because of the favor of their services and their preference over similar services of competitors (such as Spotify). placed under the microscope. U.S. lawmakers are considering several new bills that would curb the power of big tech companies, including one that would (if passed) prevent Apple and Google from ranking their services above those of similar competitors.

The truth is that Apple and Google bundle their applications and services with their operating systems in a way that some competitors believe is unfair and destroys the competitive environment. Meanwhile, Apple has been attacked more than Google because the company has stricter control over the applications that are installed by default on the iPhone and does not allow developers to use the App Store to avoid.

Apple and Google has never announced the statistics of users’ use of their default applications, that’s why we always check the popularity of default applications compared to Other apps have been difficult. Therefore, this is where the importance of Comscore research becomes clear. Research institutes mainly examine the popularity of those applications that can be downloaded in the app stores, but Comscore was the first organization to address the category of competition between default applications and non-App and non-Google applications.

In spite of all this, Google has not yet shown any reaction to this research and Apple has also rejected its findings. According to an Apple spokesperson, the research – which was funded by Facebook – was engineered to convey to the audience that the space for competition in the App Store is limited. The Apple official noted that non-App apps in the App Store (in all categories) have competed with Apple apps and in many cases have achieved great success.

The spokesperson of Apple stated that the method of conducting this research is facing serious problems in some aspects, and reminded that the findings of this research are in contradiction with the recent Comscore report on the ranking of the usage of applications in April 2021. Of course, it should be noted that in the ranking mentioned by the Apple spokesperson, the amount of use of pre-installed applications is not taken into account.

It is not bad to know that, in addition to the flaws in the Comscore research by Apple’s spokesperson, there are several other flaws in the method of conducting this research. For example, Safari (Apple’s product) and Chrome (Google’s product) browsers are obviously among the most used applications, but the names of these two browsers are not seen in the list of top 20 Android and iOS applications. Another point is that the results related to the use of Android applications are not presented separately by device manufacturer. For example, it is not known what percentage of the usage of a particular Android app is on Samsung phones. done and what percentage in pixel phones.

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