Does it make sense for Samsung to drop the Galaxy Fan Edition family?

Does it make sense for Samsung to drop the Galaxy Fan Edition family?

Does it make sense for Samsung to drop the Galaxy Fan Edition family?

The history of the Samsung Galaxy Fan Edition series is a bit complicated. Galaxy S20 FE 2020 suitable replacement with The price was competitive for Samsung’s expensive flagship product line. However, Samsung failed to achieve its previous success with Galaxy S21 FE to repeat; Because its price was only slightly cheaper than the Galaxy S22 when it was released.

When Samsung launched the Galaxy S20 FE or Fan Edition in September 2020, a lot of attention was drawn to this new product. . The Korean tech giant said the Galaxy S20 FE is a “flagship” device and will release a new version for Galaxy S flagships every year.

Although the Galaxy S21 FE was launched very late, There was a lot of evidence that it was produced. Official renders leaked in June 2021; But now there is no information to suggest that the Galaxy S22 FE is in the works.

Rumours suggest that Samsung might drop the FE series. This means there may not be an affordable model for the Galaxy S22 or any other flagship. The latest leak suggests that the SM-S900 (model number Galaxy S22 FE) is no more. The Korean technology giant has only tried twice to make this smartphone; But does it make sense to end this production line?

Galaxy FE devices don’t seem to have a firm release date. Galaxy S20 FE was released in the fall of 2020; While its next generation, the Galaxy S21 FE, entered the world of smartphones in January 2022, just a few weeks before the launch of the Galaxy S22 flagship products.

Galaxy S21FE had several problems, the biggest of which They were the price of gravity. This device was only $100 cheaper than the flagship and powerful Galaxy S22. Samsung’s internal decision to price the S22 series more competitively closed a small gap in the market that the first Fan Edition model easily occupied.

At the other end of the spectrum is Samsung’s A series. Midranges such as the Galaxy A53 5G are sold at $449 and cheaper; For this reason, they have many fans. They have made it possible for more people to buy the company’s products.

Samsung has products that are fierce competitors of the affordable iPhone SE and the Galaxy Pixel 6a. These two competing brands quite cleverly use their flagship names for their affordable phones. However, Samsung’s A-series isn’t named like the company’s flagships; Therefore, Galaxy SFA can act as a bridge between affordable and flagship phones.

Another point is that Samsung should aim for a price range that does not cause internal competition between the Galaxy S FE and the A and S series. If this Korean technology giant releases its new products at a more competitive price, it can easily beat Apple and Google.

A smartphone with a price tag of around $600 can win the market in the current market conditions. With the increase in inflation, few people think of buying flagships anymore. Even if someone intends to buy this category of products, the expensive price tag of 1000 dollars may make him hesitate. Google proved with its Pixel 6 that the price range of around 600 dollars encourages many to buy, and this means that other companies should also adopt such a policy in order to experience more sales.

Smartphone makers need to know which flagship features to cut and which to keep in order to achieve the $600 price tag. AMOLED panels with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, excellent cameras and large Samsung batteries have been the main part of this series so far. Also, features such as IP68 certification and wireless charger and NFC cannot be overlooked.

  • Samsung is likely to produce Galaxy FE series phones It stops
  • It goes without saying that the processing power of Samsung devices has been very satisfactory in the last few years, and even if the company is using 2021 processors in its new generation of affordable phones also uses it, it will still get a good result.

    Even if Samsung complies with all the mentioned factors, the time of sale is also a very important factor. For example, the Galaxy S21 FE and the Galaxy S22 had very close release dates, creating internal competition between the products. Also, the main model Fan Edition reached the hands of buyers in a suitable period of time; For this reason, it experienced better sales.

    Certainly, if Samsung produces the new generation Fan Edition more carefully and puts a suitable price tag on it and pays attention to the release time, more people will buy it. They will be encouraged to buy it.

    What is your opinion, Zomit companions, about the Galaxy S22 Fan Edition and the possibility that it will not be released? What do you think Samsung should do to improve the Fan Edition product line?

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