Discover the world of entertainment with the Huawei MatePad tablet

Discover the world of entertainment with the Huawei MatePad tablet

Discover the world of entertainment with the Huawei MatePad tablet

Huawei’s mid-range tablet MatePad is presented to the market with suitable software and hardware capabilities. It has made this gadget a suitable tool for entertainment. The possibility of buying this tablet is now also available in the USAian market.

The 10.4-inch screen of the Huawei MatePad tablet with a 16:9 aspect ratio and 2K image quality is an ideal display for watching videos, playing and Overall it’s fun. This screen is named Fullview by Huawei, which means full picture. The reason for this designation is its 7.9 mm and low margin, which has created a screen-to-body ratio of 84% for this tablet.

In addition to this high-quality screen, Huawei MatePad has an audio system with four speakers. also benefits which provides a three-dimensional and immersive sound to the user. But having a tablet with all these features without a powerful processor won’t do much good. For this reason, Huawei MatePad is equipped with Kirin 810 processor, which is Huawei’s exclusive SoC for this product.

This processor uses eight working cores and an independent graphics processor and is in full harmony with the tablet’s high-capacity battery. This battery has a capacity of 7250 mAh, a large battery that provides the user with hours of fun with each charge. The large display has made the Huawei MatePad tablet offer a good visual experience, an experience that you will not get with a smartphone. For example, watching your favorite series on a long trip with a small smartphone screen will not be a very exciting experience. With a tablet like Huawei MatePad and its large screen, your visual experience will definitely be much better.

This 10.4 inch screen offers 2K image quality and 2000×1200 image resolution. This means there are a lot of image pixels on this screen. A pixel is the smallest part of any image and a color unit of it. The complete image is formed by placing a number of these pixels together, and the more pixels there are, the better the image quality will be. This is why the high number of pixels on the Huawei MatePad screen is important.

One of the good features of this tablet, which is made possible by its large and high-quality screen, is called App Multiplier. This feature allows the user to open two pages of the same program at the same time. You can work with both pages at the same time and change their size. With the help of this feature, the problem of many programs that are not optimized for horizontal use on tablets is also solved.

In addition to using one program in several windows, two windows side by side in this tablet can be assigned to different programs. A wonderful feature that increases the productivity of the tablet. For example, if you need navigation while watching a movie, you can easily open these two programs together and solve your problem. This feature can be used in thousands of different ways. Another image feature of the Huawei MatePad tablet is the HUAWEI ClariVu feature, which helps the image to be in the desired dynamic range. This technology provides a better image to the user by targeting the incomprehensible details of the image and parts of it with low contrast. The special algorithm used in this technology optimally adjusts image properties such as brightness, color saturation, and sharpness. It doesn’t matter whether you are watching videos, browsing the web or playing games, with the help of this feature you will always have a better quality picture.

A happy time

Many of us choose to have fun, listening to music alone and with loved ones. If you belong to this category, Huawei MatePad is an ideal choice for you because under the body of this tablet, there is an audio system equipped with 4 speakers. It is true that this tablet is only 10 inches in diameter and 7.35 mm in width, but this small size should not mislead you. Thanks to Huawei’s superior technology, this tablet can produce loud and high-quality sound, which is significantly superior to similar products.

Huawei in this tablet, the method of sending p It has completely changed Da. By default, Android only supports two audio channels, and regardless of your audio file, even if it supports several audio channels, Android will only output two audio channels.

Huawei In order to allow the Huawei MatePad tablet to make full use of its four-speaker audio system, it has upgraded Android and added support for up to 4 audio channels at the same time. Of course, the role of the powerful Kirin 810 processor should not be neglected in this case, which with its multi-channel processing capability actually reproduces the output sound of this tablet with an extraordinary quality.

In addition, Huawei MatePad is equipped with There is also Histen 6.0 audio technology that enhances sound details such as “Bass” with the help of its intelligent algorithms. This technology also plays a significant role in increasing the sound resolution in this tablet.

But if all these technologies are not enough in the sound department, we must say that the Huawei MatePad by the experts of the Harman Kardon brand has the best sound settings. designed to create a wonderful audio experience for users. Our suggestion is to use your Huawei MatePad tablet instead of a Bluetooth speaker on your next visit.

Uninterrupted entertainment experience

But by buying Huawei MatePad, you can forget this problem. Because a powerful 7250 mAh battery is all you need to work with the tablet until the end of the day. This battery provides you with 12 hours of surfing the Internet, 12 hours of watching HD movies and 7 hours of playing 3D games. But in the end, you should not worry even after the battery runs out, because the 10-watt fast charging of this tablet will quickly make the tablet ready to work again. There is a good quality tablet with an official warranty.

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