Disappointing AMD results in Steam’s August survey

Disappointing AMD results in Steam’s August survey

Disappointing AMD results in Steam’s August survey

Steam presents its hardware and software survey results on the first day of every month. Now, the results obtained from the August survey show that AMD has not been able to record a very good performance. AMD company is close to Intel in the CPU Steam surveys in 2021 and finally reached 30% share in May. The market of this sector was achieved; But he could not maintain this trend in the following months. Now AMD’s market share in the CPU sector in August experienced a 1.88% decrease and reached 27.31%, which is the lowest market share of this company in the last year. Its processors are struggling with more problems compared to Intel, so that the Amazon website’s best-selling chart is more dominated by Intel products.

In the graphics card sector, all Nvidia products, except for one of the Ampere family products, experienced significant growth. . The RTX 2060 graphics card recorded the best performance with a 1.35% growth of the user community to take the second place and get closer to the top of the top products table.

Although the RTX 3090 faced a decrease of 0.01% of the user community, the performance of the other products of the Ampere family of Nvidia showed a satisfactory performance, and the RTX 3060 also with 0.42% growth in market share recorded the best performance. However, some reports have indicated that the Ampere and RDNA 2 cards have become more expensive and rare compared to the past, and it remains to be seen whether we will see the effect of this in next month’s Steam report.

Meanwhile, the cards GTX 1060 graphics continue their long-term dominance and have experienced a 1.29% user community growth in the last month. The Radeon RX 6000 series of graphics cards have also made their way to the August Steam list by achieving an overall share of 0.15%.

In the software section, Windows 7 64-bit version continues its interesting trend and now, on 8.68% of systems participating in the survey have Steam installed. The Oculus Quest 2 headset is also the leader in the field of virtual reality (VR) headsets, despite a slight decrease in market share.

What is your opinion, EMGblog users, about the declining market share of AMD products and what problem do you think it is caused by? ?

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