Counterpoint: Xiaomi is the number one smartphone maker in June 2021

Counterpoint: Xiaomi is the number one smartphone maker in June 2021

Counterpoint: Xiaomi is the number one smartphone maker in June 2021

News unit according to the latest report of the monthly market pulse service in the institution According to Counterpoint’s research, the company Xiaomi succeeded in surpassing Samsung and Apple , for the first time, become the top smartphone brand in the world. According to this report, on Thursday, August 5 of this year (14 August 1400) published, the Chinese company managed to grow the fastest with 26% monthly growth last June among the competitors. In addition, Xiaomi ranked second in terms of shipments in the second quarter of 2021 and has sold a total of nearly 800 million smartphones since its inception in 2011.

Of course, with Xiaomi title Samsung is the best-selling smartphone brand in June 2021, in the second quarter of this year. Overall, it is still in first place. Also, as mentioned, in the same period of time, Xiaomi has taken the second place by offering more than 50 million smartphones and an annual growth of 98%. On the other hand, according to reports, Apple currently has 41% of the global smartphone market revenue has it. Meanwhile, 15% of this market’s revenue is Samsung’s share and 9% is Xiaomi’s share.

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G

Tarun Pathak (Tarun Pathak), one of Counterpoint’s research directors, about the recent success Xiaomi believes that “since the downward trend Huawei started, Xiaomi has made continuous and intensive efforts to fill the gap created by this decline. This manufacturer has expanded [its scope of operation] in markets such as China, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, which were traditionally held by Huawei and Honor. Also in June, China, Europe and India’s [smartphone market] revival helped Xiaomi along with Samsung’s supply cuts due to component supply constraints.”

Varun Mishra, senior analyst at Counterpoint , about the Chinese market and supply chain constraints Samsung says: “The Chinese market in June due to the festival [Buy] 618 experienced 16% month-on-month growth, with Xiaomi due to aggressive expansion of offline [sales] in smaller cities and strong performance of Redmi Note 9,Samsung decreased in June due to the new wave of the COVID-19 epidemic in Vietnam. The finding that led to the shortage of devices of this brand among the [sales] channels. With a strong portfolio of mid-range products and wide market coverage, Xiaomi has made the most of this short-term gap caused by the lack of Samsung’s A series.”

According to Counterpoint analysts, if the situation in Vietnam does not improve, Samsung’s production decline will continue and Xiaomi can still use the Korean giant’s market share. However, once conditions improve and Samsung revives, the current rating will most likely change.

In fact, the estimate of this report indicates that Samsung will quickly regain its top position after improving the production problems it is dealing with in Vietnam, and otherwise, witness We will continue to grow and increase the market share of the Chinese company in the coming months.

Of course, next to the Vietnam issue, the flagship series

Trend of share of top mobile market brands from smartphone sales from June 2015 to June 2021

On the other hand, research by Strategy Analytics shows that Xiaomi was the top smartphone seller in Europe in the period from April to June this year and had about 25% of the market share. Also, in the Indian market, as one of the strategic smartphone markets with a high growth rate, Xiaomi is still the top manufacturer.

High sales, advanced products and the high-end segment of the smartphone market, which is currently dominated by Apple and Samsung, have not gone away from the eyes of the managers of the Chinese company. As this year, Xiaomi launched the smartphone Mi 11 Ultra With a base price of 5,999 yuan (at the current exchange rate, about $925) and a model with the base memory of its first foldable smartphone called has launched the Mi Mix Fold with a price of 9,999 yuan (about $1,542).

Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold

In front of this performance, Samsung is expected to unveil its new high-end smartphones next week during the Galaxy Unpacked event. unveil and Apple will introduce its new iPhones in September. This will make the competition even more difficult, especially among advanced products.

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