Contrary to rumors, Apple’s iPhone 15 will probably come with Qualcomm’s 5G modem

Contrary to rumors, Apple’s iPhone 15 will probably come with Qualcomm’s 5G modem

Contrary to rumors, Apple’s iPhone 15 will probably come with Qualcomm’s 5G modem

Mingchi Ku, a veteran analyst, said on Twitter yesterday that by asking his sources in Apple’s supply chain, he found out that the company has not yet been able to produce a dedicated 5G modem. For this reason, iPhone 15 series phones in 2023 will still reach customers with non-exclusive modems.

According to 9to5Mac writes, due to the “apparent delay in Exclusive modem production”, Apple will once again use Qualcomm’s 5G modem in 2023. Qualcomm managers had previously warned the investors of this company that they expect to lose up to 80% of their share in Apple products by 2023, because this Cupertino company has decided to build its own modem by relying on the knowledge of its engineers.

  • The possibility of using Apple’s proprietary 5G modem in the iPhone 15 became stronger
  • Apple will probably use its own 5G modem in iPhone 2023
  • Apple’s exclusive 5G modem will not be introduced until 2025

Apple’s ultimate goal is to make a completely exclusive modem for the iPhone. Apple can probably make its own modem with better performance and lower energy consumption than modems from companies like Qualcomm. Making a dedicated modem will also increase Apple’s profit margin, since the company will no longer have to buy modems (although the process of paying patent fees to Qualcomm will probably continue). They work on a dedicated modem. The process of producing proprietary modems was accelerated in 2019 with the acquisition of Intel’s modem unit worth one billion dollars.

Apple and Qualcomm were about to start an all-out legal war against each other over patent ownership, but the two companies in They reached an agreement on the first day of the trial.

Apple still had to continue working with Qualcomm, because Intel could not produce a 5G modem in the volume that Apple wanted for iPhone 12 to produce. The agreement signed between Apple and Qualcomm in 2019 includes a 6-year contract. It has a contract whereby it can be extended for another two years. This means that Apple has until 2027 to make a dedicated modem.

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