Contrary to Microsoft’s promises, Surface Duo has not yet received Android 11

Contrary to Microsoft’s promises, Surface Duo has not yet received Android 11

Contrary to Microsoft’s promises, Surface Duo has not yet received Android 11

In October 2019, Microsoft unveiled a new device in the Surface product family, which was actually the first Redmondi folding smartphone based on the Android operating system. Of course, Surface Duo couldn’t attract the attention of users as it wanted with a lot of software problems. It is interesting to know that the said phone was launched with Android 10 11 months after its launch, and Microsoft promised to fix many software problems with the release of Android 11 in the last quarter of 2021.

The evidence shows that Microsoft is contrary to its promises. It has yet to release Android 11 for its premium foldable phone, while Android phones are receiving the Android 12 update one after the other. Microsoft announced in September 2021:

We remain committed to providing Surface Duo updates and are working to deliver Android 11 to our customers before the end of this year.

In general, despite Microsoft’s promise, it seems disappointing; It is not unprecedented in the world of Android. For example, Nokia has repeatedly delayed its smartphone update schedule, and in fact, only Google Pixel phones receive new updates in the shortest time frame. However, Microsoft as one of the world’s software giants was expected to work well with Google to update its $1,500 foldable phone.

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On the other hand, Microsoft is struggling with the problem of not being optimal for many software, user interface, etc. It has not solved the mentioned problems. Microsoft claims that Android is still not optimized for dual-screen foldable phones; But since Android is an open source operating system, companies like Samsung have been able to optimize their user interface for foldable phones to a great extent. Microsoft has so far refused to provide details for the Android 11 update; But sources say that the company is still working on the update, and apparently Google and some mobile service operators have confirmed it.

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