Computex 2016: Asus Transformers 3 hybrid tablet launched to compete with Surface Pro 4

Computex 2016: Asus Transformers 3 hybrid tablet launched to compete with Surface Pro 4

Computex 2016: Asus Transformers 3 hybrid tablet launched to compete with Surface Pro 4

Although the tablet market has been completely stagnant for some time and manufacturers do not show interest in making these gadgets, but the hybrid type of this device It still has many fans. Big companies such as Microsoft have very competent representatives in this field with the Surface Pro series, and Apple recently launched the iPad Pro to compete with Microsoft’s attractive Surface Pro 4. But one of the series of hybrid tablets that has a good history in its performance is Asus Transformer tablets. Today, on the first business day of Computex 2016, Asus introduced the Transformer 3 tablet in three models. It seems that Asus is targeting the Surface Pro 4 with its new tablet.

Transformer tablet Asus also like Zenfone 3 phones, which were introduced this morning, will enter the market in three different models, which are Transformer 3, Transformer 3 Pro and Transformer Mini. Asus tablets are produced in different hardware configurations and all three models are equipped with Windows 10 operating system to keep up with Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4. But the competition of these two hybrid tablets does not end only in hardware power. In fact, all three new Asus tablets have a similar design to Microsoft’s acclaimed Surface series, and the Transformer 3 design is clearly inspired by its main competitor, the Surface Pro. The keyboard and support base are also designed similar to Microsoft Surface Pro 4. In general, it seems that Microsoft’s Surface Pro has become a standard for other manufacturers, and Asus has understood this very well.

But let’s go to the technical specifications of the new Asus Transformer tablets. The highest version of Transformer Pro can be equipped with 7th generation Intel Core i7 processor, 16 GB of RAM and 1 TB of SSD memory. The standard model can accommodate up to 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB of solid memory. In addition, the only version that is equipped with Intel Core i7 processor is only the Pro version. Both the standard and pro versions are equipped with a USB Type-C port, Thunderbolt 3, USB 3.0, HDMI, as well as a fingerprint sensor, and both models have a 12-inch screen with 1920* resolution. 2880 which seems to have satisfactory image resolution.

The most expensive version of Transformer 3 will cost 800 dollars, while the base price of the Pro version is 1000 dollars. The third model, i.e. the mini version, which is equipped with a smaller 10.1-inch screen and is lighter in weight, will also be released to the market with a little delay, and naturally, in terms of the technical specifications of this tablet, it is a victim of greater portability and also a lower price. and there is not much information about the technical specifications of the mini version yet. Share your opinion about Asus’ new hybrid tablets with us.

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