Comparison of depreciation of iPhone 13, Galaxy S22 and Pixel 6 based on data from SellCell website

Comparison of depreciation of iPhone 13, Galaxy S22 and Pixel 6 based on data from SellCell website

Comparison of depreciation of iPhone 13, Galaxy S22 and Pixel 6 based on data from SellCell website

News unit The newest and most advanced series of flagships Apple, Samsung and Google respectively are iPhone 13, Galaxy S22 and Pixel 6. The base price of these products is not significantly different, but apparently their price drop is different. Obviously, after buying a smartphone, its price drops immediately. But according to a recent report by SellCell Published, the price drop of Galaxy S22 is much more than iPhone 13. It should be mentioned that SellCell is one of the online marketplaces in the United States, which is considered a reference for selling used electronic devices, and therefore, the report of this collection can be relied upon with sufficient confidence to find out the price drop of smartphones.

Apple iPhone 13

Galaxy S22 flagship series was launched in February this year. . According to SellCell, two months after the launch of the Galaxy S22 series, we have seen a 46.8% drop in the price of these products.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

It is interesting to know the decrease in value iPhone 13 and Pixel 6 after one month of its launch Crops peaked (18.7% and 43.1%, respectively), but at the end of the second month, some of this price drop was offset. If the drop in value of Galaxy S22 after two months of release, there was no difference compared to one month before. In other words, unlike the iPhone and the Pixel, Samsung’s flagship series failed to lose even a fraction of its value. compensate.

Google Pixel 6

Considering that price depreciation has always happened for iPhone, the occurrence of this phenomenon for An Android phone like the Pixel looks cool. We should not forget that the Pixel 6 smartphone is the most successful smartphone in the history of Google and one of the best Android devices in 2022. is considered. Needless to say, considering that the Galaxy S22 depreciation graph was linear two months after its release, apparently the price drop of this series has stopped and it can be expected that part of its value will be compensated in the coming months.

Depreciation rate of iPhone 13, Galaxy S22 and Pixel 6 after 1 and 2 months from Release

The biggest price drop among the different models of the Galaxy S22 series for the 128 GB version Galaxy S22 Plus, which lost 53.8% of its selling price (which is equivalent to $574.99) two months after its launch. Similarly, the weakest member of the Pixel 6 family in terms of value retention, the 256GB version Pixel 6 Pro, whose price dropped by 45.7% (equivalent to $479) in two months after its release. In the iPhone 13 family, there is also a 128 GB model iPhone 13 mini It lost 29.2% of its value after two months of release, and in this respect, it showed a weaker performance than other members of the iPhone 13 family.

The average depreciation of the new device after 1 and 2 months of unveiling

Overall, the iPhone mini models (in terms of value retention) are weaker than other models in the series and apparently in the next generation of iPhones Apple will have no place. Therefore, it is not surprising that the iPhone 13 mini performs worse than the other members in terms of retaining value after launch. It should be noted that the price drop of iPhone 13 mini continued even after the first month. The award for the best performance in terms of maintaining value in the iPhone 13 family goes to the 128 GB model iPhone 13 Pro Max is awarded, which lost only 3.8% of its initial value after 2 months of release. If you want to know the difference between the iPhone family and the Galaxy and Pixel, we have to say the most value retention among the Samsung products. and Google to the 128 GB version of Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G and 128 GB version Pixel 6, which experienced a drop of 41.7% and 33.1%, respectively, two months after its release.

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