Changing the way of naming Snapdragon chips – 3 digits become 1 digit

Changing the way of naming Snapdragon chips – 3 digits become 1 digit

Changing the way of naming Snapdragon chips – 3 digits become 1 digit

News unit The American company Qualcomm updates its processors every year. , produces faster chips for use in new Android devices. This procedure will continue this year as well, but with an important change. On Monday, November 22, 2021 (December 1, 1400), Qualcomm announced a change in the branding of Snapdragon chipsets (although Qualcomm prefers to use the word “platform” instead of “chipset”) by publishing a not-so-explanatory video on its website. slow). Among the most important of these changes, we can mention the removal of the word Qualcomm from the name of the chipsets, as well as abandoning the three-digit method in the naming of these chips.

On the eve of the annual Snapdragon Tech Summit – which is scheduled to be held on November 30 – Qualcomm He announced fundamental changes in the way of branding his processors. To begin with, we must point out that from now on, Snapdragon is considered an independent brand and will be separated from the Qualcomm brand. In this way, we will no longer see the word Qualcomm in the title of Snapdragon chips. Of course, this approach was keyed a while ago, because in the unveiling of Snapdragon 888 Plus, the empty place of the word “Qualcomm” was seen.

Most likely, the biggest change is related to the naming of Snapdragon chips. For several years, Qualcomm has been using a 3-digit system to name its chips (like Snapdragon 480, Snapdragon 765 or Snapdragon 888). In this way, the first digit of the chipset series and subsequently shows its processing power. In this way, series 4 chips (such as Snapdragon 480) are low-end chipsets, and series 8 chips (such as Snapdragon 888) are considered flagship chipsets of this company. The second digit usually indicates annual releases of a chip generation (like going from Snapdragon 865 to 870). The third digit also mainly indicates that the chip has been updated (for example, Updated version Snapdragon 765G).

Besides, the use of three digits at the beginning of the names is a bit incomprehensible And confusingly, the other problem with this naming convention is that Qualcomm can’t continue this way anymore because it will come up with a low number to name its new chipsets! Currently the latest chip from the 6 series, the Snapdragon 695 and as you can see Yes, the naming capacity of this series has been exhausted. The 8-series chips – which reached 888 last year – are on the verge of reaching capacity.

Qualcomm plans to change the way of naming its chips in such a way that a number represents the series and then the generation number is mentioned. This method will happen for the first time in the new generation of 8 series flagship chips. As such, the chipset that was thought to be called Snapdragon 898 based on the previous procedure may be called Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. If this hypothesis is true, the next generation of this chip will be produced in 2022 under the name of Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

It is interesting to know that this style is not so new for Qualcomm because this company has already used this naming method for its PC processors, such as Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2 or Snapdragon 7c Gen 2. But in the meantime Some aspects of this method may be ambiguous. For example, the Snapdragon chips in the 7, 6, and 4 series each contain several members that exist in parallel in the series. Now, if Qualcomm wants to implement this new naming method in these three series, the situation becomes a little complicated.

Of course, the example mentioned above is just a guess, as Qualcomm has not yet announced the exact naming scheme for the Snapdragon chips, instead only releasing a promotional video in which the number 8 appears in various forms. . Most likely, more details of Qualcomm’s new chip naming approach will be announced at the Snapdragon Tech Summit.

Another important change is that from now on the suffix 5G will be removed from the title of Snapdragon chipsets. The reason for this decision is clear; Due to the spread of the fifth generation communication technology and the large volume of 5G chips, there will be no need to have this suffix at the end of the name of the chipsets. Another reason is that from now on, Qualcomm will only produce fifth generation chipsets.

It is not bad to know, the Snapdragon logo is also not left out of these changes. In the Snapdragon logo, a red and white fireball can be seen. Now, according to Qualcomm, according to the series of chips, this fiery ball will take on various colors, including black (Midnight), dark gray (Gunmetal), yellowish silver (Nickel), red (Snapdragon Red) and gold (Gold). ). What color will be assigned to each of the series is not yet clear, except that we know that in the flagship series, the fireball is supposed to be golden.

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