CES 2022 – Unveiling of Samsung Home Hub; Smart home control through a tablet

CES 2022 – Unveiling of Samsung Home Hub; Smart home control through a tablet

CES 2022 – Unveiling of Samsung Home Hub; Smart home control through a tablet

News unit EMGblog.com : Company Samsung mainly to the supply of flagship smartphones – such as Galaxy S22, which will be introduced soon – or the production of folding phones – such as Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 – we know. Of course, in the field of tablets, Samsung is one of the few successful companies in the world, and it can be safely said that the Galaxy Tab S series tablets are the only main competitor of the Apple iPad. But according to the news on Thursday, January 6, 2022 (16 December 1400) on the Samsung news website released, the Korean company unveiled the Samsung Home Hub at the CES 2022 event, showing in the field The smart home also has a lot to say.

Samsung This new product is designed with an intelligent tablet-style touch screen. Sinifa described that by using the SmartThings ecosystem, he can meet the needs of each family member in interacting with smart appliances. In other words, any smart device that is part of the SmartThings ecosystem at home can be controlled through the Home Hub. Samsung Home Hub – which looks a lot like the iPad mini Yes – it is actually an 8.4-inch tablet that plays the role of the hub or the connection ring of all the smart devices in your home.

According to Hyesoon Yang, one of Samsung’s executive vice presidents, Home Hub provides the connection between smart home devices and thanks to artificial intelligence, by understanding people’s tastes and interests and adjusting home appliances according to They can make life easier. Home Hub has two speakers and can play all notifications related to devices in audio form. Also, thanks to the presence of two microphones and the activation of the Bixby voice assistant, you can control smart home devices with voice commands.

As shown in the pictures, Home Hub can be placed in the charger dock or held like a tablet. According to Samsung, this is the first time that the diverse and extensive services of SmartThings are gathered in one place and controlled by a single device. Among these services, we can mention areas such as cooking, clothing care, pets, weather, energy and Home Care Wizard.

For example, the Cooking section of the SmartThings ecosystem can help you find, plan, and purchase items you need. It will help you to prepare a meal and finally provide you with its recipe. In another example, when it comes to washing clothes, the Clothing Care section in the SmartThings ecosystem, by connecting to a washing machine or clothing care device, can adapt to the fabric of the clothes, the usage pattern and the season you are in. , to offer you suitable options.

The Air section in this ecosystem can automatically issue orders to dehumidify the air in the house to the relevant device and by connecting to the air conditioner or air purifier, the air quality of the home can be adjusted according to manage with your tastes. One of the practical and useful parts of this ecosystem is related to energy. By analyzing your consumption pattern and taking advantage of the energy saving mode based on artificial intelligence, this section can significantly reduce the amount of energy consumption in your home. Another section called Home Care Wizard constantly monitors home appliances, sends a notification when parts need to be replaced, and provides necessary guidance if a device malfunctions.

Currently, Home Hub only connects to home appliances and devices that are manufactured by Samsung, but apparently, according to Samsung’s promise, Home Hub will soon be able to connect to other companies’ smart products by supporting a standard called Matter. also be connected. The possibility of connecting to lamps and home door lock system is also predicted in the future of this product. From the images released by Samsung, it is clear that the Home Hub is running Android OS. As such, it can probably be used as a regular tablet as well.

With all that said, it might be a little hard to convince a customer to buy a Home Hub, because a device that Samsung unveiled with great fanfare at CES 2022, apparently an Android tablet with the SmartThings application installed on it by default; An application that you can easily install on your phone or tablet. But if we look at the matter from another angle, we can say that Home Hub is a new approach in controlling smart home devices and saves you from buying smart speakers (such as Echo Show 15, a product of Amazon) is unnecessary.

At the end, it should be mentioned that Samsung Home Hub entered the South Korean market in March and after that, the international supply of this product will be keyed. Samsung has not mentioned the price of this device.

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