CEO of Google: Pixel 6 is the most popular series among Pixel phones

CEO of Google: Pixel 6 is the most popular series among Pixel phones

CEO of Google: Pixel 6 is the most popular series among Pixel phones

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet , May 6, in a telephone interview about the presentation of the first quarter 2022 earnings report, announced the Pixel 6 as a great success for the Pixel series phones. According to Phonearena, Pichai about the reception of users He explained about the Pixel 6 as follows:

The response of the users to the Pixel 6 was excellent. This phone series is the most popular among Pixel phones. We are trying to make consumers aware of this brand and we have made good progress in this way. I’m pleased with our products and look forward to sharing more details with you at Google I/O. O introduce the mid-range phone Pixel 6a and the smart watch Pixelwatch. According to Pichai, the Android team at the Google I/O event will introduce useful features and services such as simultaneous translation, magic eraser, Hold for me when calling on IVRs. , the user will not need to wait and will provide… He added:

We will continue to invest in new capabilities and provide the possibility of using multiple devices at the same time, and in addition to increasing the privacy level of users, we will provide them with the tools needed by developers.


Previous reports indicated that the iPhone SE 3 and Pixel 6 phones experienced satisfactory sales in the market; But it is expected that the user experience of this phone will be improved with the release of the Face Unlock feature on June 6 (16 June) for the Pixel 6 Pro.

The Face Unlock feature in the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL phones is based on 3D mapping ( 3D mapping) was used for face recognition, which was very secure; However, it seems that the Pixel 6 Pro will no longer feature 3D mapping.

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3D mapping (3D mapping) records all the bumps and depressions of the user’s face; But the 2D facial recognition system does not have this accuracy and is easily deceived by showing the user’s photo in front of the camera instead of his real face. According to reports, the Pixel 6 Pro phone has the right hardware for 3D mapping and its use. It is not equipped with the Face Unlock function and this deficiency will not be solved by releasing this function through a software update. Therefore, Pixel 6 Pro users cannot use the 2D mode of Face Unlock to verify their online purchases. However, the existence of such a function even to this extent can be pleasant for this category of users. Can this feature increase the sales of this phone?

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