Business Korea reports on Samsung’s possible decision to use recycled parts to repair phones

Business Korea reports on Samsung’s possible decision to use recycled parts to repair phones

Business Korea reports on Samsung’s possible decision to use recycled parts to repair phones regardless of having a flagship or budget smartphone, Eventually, one day your smartphone will break and you will either have to repair it or replace it with a new one. In most cases, users choose the repair option first. In this regard, first Apple and then Samsung and Google with Recognizing what “

As mentioned in the introduction, Samsung has recently launched a self-repair program for phones and tablets of this company in cooperation with iFixit company experts. According to this program, Samsung sells parts such as screens, back glass and charging ports for phones such as +Galaxy Tab S7 tablet. In this way, users can repair their phone or tablet with the instructions given to them while obtaining the necessary tools and parts.

Apparently, Samsung is not satisfied with this and has thought of other arrangements to lower the repair costs. According to a report on Tuesday, April 12, 2022 (April 23, 1401) by Business Korea Published, Samsung is likely to provide customers with parts that are not brand new or made from recycled materials. Apparently, this plan will start in the next few months.

Apart from the environmental benefits of this move, one of Samsung’s most important goals is to reduce customer costs. As you know, repairing smartphones (especially flagships) is very expensive. For example, screen repair Galaxy S22 about $200 It costs money (while the price of the phone itself is 800 dollars). According to the Business Korea report, with the launch of the sales plan for recycled parts, the cost of repairing the screen of Samsung phones will be reduced by half.

Maybe you can imagine the parts made from recycled materials They are made to be of low quality, but Business Korea claims that Samsung guarantees the quality and performance of these recycled parts and considers them to be equivalent to new parts. It is good to know that even some of the plastic components used in Galaxy S22 is made from recycled fishing net materials. Also, in recent years, the amount of paper and plastic used in the packaging of Samsung products has decreased significantly. With this account, Samsung has had a successful experience of using recycled materials in its portfolio, and it is expected that this new design will be well received by users.

The Android operating system in some new Samsung devices is updated up to the next four generations. Samsung thereby assures the customer that if the battery of the device is damaged or the screen is cracked, there is no need to It will not be like buying a new device.

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