Brazil has proposed to mandate the use of the USB-C port on future Apple iPhones

Brazil has proposed to mandate the use of the USB-C port on future Apple iPhones

Brazil has proposed to mandate the use of the USB-C port on future Apple iPhones

Apple With a lot of pressure to replace the Lightning port with USB-C standard is encountered in iPhone . After the European Union decided to use the USB-C port be forced on smartphones and US senators have adopted a similar policy, now Brazil may be the next country to force Apple to make iPhones with USB-C ports.

Reporting 9to5Mac, the regulatory agency Brazil, known as Anatel (Anatel), has proposed new requirements for the charging port of smartphones manufacturers of this type of products. Anatel believes that USB-C will bring more convenience to consumers and help reduce electronic waste; Because users can reuse their previous chargers regardless of the device they are using.

Since most Android smartphones have long been equipped with USB-C ports, the efforts of the European Union and the United States And now Brazil is clearly all about iPhones. However, Brazil’s proposal to force the use of the USB-C port only focuses on smartphones, at least for now.

Anatel says the use of the USB-C port will not be mandatory for devices that can only be charged via wireless charging. Also, the European Union has announced that the use of the USB-C port in addition to smartphones is mandatory for tablets and cameras and other accessories such as headphones and portable speakers.

Currently, Anatel’s proposal is in the public consultation phase, which means Brazilian citizens and active companies. In this country, they can share their opinions about the project of forcing smartphones to use the USB-C port. Brazilian individuals and companies can submit their comments until August 26, 2022.

If the proposal is approved, the use of the USB-C port will be mandatory on all smartphones sold in the country. Therefore, if Apple wants to continue selling its products in Brazil, it will probably have to make the next iPhones with USB-C port.

US efforts to force Apple to make iPhones with USB-C port

Earlier this month, a group of US Commerce Department senators called for a similar policy aimed at addressing the lack of global standards for charging devices and accessories. The petition, signed by Senators Ed Markey, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders, explains that the use of different standards in smartphones creates There will be more electronic waste and damage to the environment as a result, and customers will also be forced to buy new chargers. US senators have described Apple’s use of the Lightning port as an example of “planned obsolescence”.

It is not clear when the US government will accept the senators’ request, or at all. will or not; But according to recent research in the field of antitrust laws against Apple, we may soon see the approval of this request. Also, it should be noted that the US is Apple’s main market.

Maybe Apple is working on an iPhone with a USB-C port

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Noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and Bloomberg journalist Mark Gorman reported earlier this year that Apple was conducting internal tests. It’s on the new iPhones that use USB-C instead of the Lightning port.

Unfortunately, there is no indication that an iPhone equipped with a USB-C port will be released in 2022; So, maybe Apple will wait until 2023 and implement this change on its next iPhones.

It seems unlikely that Apple will produce an iPhone equipped with a USB-C port only for certain markets. In addition to the USB-C iPhone, the company is working on a new AirPods Pro with a USB-C port. Lightning port in 2012 and with iPhone 5 as a modern replacement for the old connector 30 The iPod pin has been unveiled.

Apple has been slowly trying to release its products with USB-C port since 2015, and this process started with the introduction of MacBooks equipped with USB-C. Now, almost all of the company’s Macs and iPads are manufactured with the USB-C standard, and it is a bit strange to think that iPhones are not yet equipped with this technology. According to some sources, Apple is expected to to launch a new budget-friendly iPad with a USB-C port. While the 9th generation iPad still uses the Lightning port, this change could indicate the end of the Lightning connector in the company’s iPad collection. Also, this action will be another step in the process of moving to the USB-C port and ending the life of Lightning in all Apple products.

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