Bloomberg announced: Apple’s plan to produce its most powerful and durable smart watch with the possible name of Apple Watch Pro

Bloomberg announced: Apple’s plan to produce its most powerful and durable smart watch with the possible name of Apple Watch Pro

Bloomberg announced: Apple’s plan to produce its most powerful and durable smart watch with the possible name of Apple Watch Pro

News News For more than a year, there have been rumors about Apple’s decision to build a rugged Apple Watch is heard. According to a recent report published by Bloomberg, apparently these rumors are true and in September of this year, the Apple company, along with the Apple Watch Series 8 and a new SE model, unveiled a durable and advanced smart watch – suitable for violent sports. will do. A name for this watch has not yet been considered, but Mark Gurman, an expert at Bloomberg, suggests that this device will be called the Apple Watch Pro. Of course, names like Apple Watch Extreme, Apple Watch Max or Apple Watch Explorer Edition are also not far off.

Apple has a long history of producing Pro versions, which include MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, iPhone Pro and AirPods Pro. Except for the AirPods Pro earbuds, all Apple products that are produced in the Pro version have better performance and a bigger screen, and of course, they have a higher price. Certainly, the new resistant Apple Watch also follows the same procedure. Mike Gorman believes that this device will have a larger screen (probably 2 inches in diameter) with more resistance to shattering and its resolution is estimated to be around 410 x 502 pixels. Apparently, the battery life in this watch has increased and it can track sports like hiking or swimming more accurately. Also, the body of this watch is likely to be made of titanium, because the durability of titanium is higher than aluminum and steel.

Probably, the S8 chip (the same chip in the Apple Watch Series 8) will be used in the manufacture of this watch. It is not unlikely that this watch (according to rumors) will also benefit from a temperature sensor. This new Apple Watch will have its own customer, including people who are interested in hard and violent sports or people who usually use Garmin watches to do hard training. Of course, it goes without saying that the larger screen, stronger battery and durable metal body can attract any user interested in having the most advanced Apple Watch.

Considering that the Apple Watch Edition could not meet the expectations of the company as it should and maybe, it is possible that the production of the Apple Watch in the Edition version will be stopped when the new Apple Watch is launched. According to Mark Gorman, Apple’s calculations in attracting customers for the first version of the Apple Watch Edition went wrong, and therefore we saw that Apple moved away from the production of the $17,000 gold Apple Watch and started producing watches made of stainless steel with gold color, as well as watches Titanium turned.

Apple Watch Edition Series 7

We must not forget that Apple’s decision to introduce a new high-end Apple Watch comes at a critical time, as Samsung, one of Apple’s most important competitors in the production of smart watches, is also rumored to It has a similar program and apparently plans to unveil an advanced smartwatch called Galaxy Watch 5 Pro next month, along with introducing the standard Galaxy Watch 5 model. Evan Blass, owner of the @evleaks Twitter account, released renders of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro over the past week. These pictures show that this Pro model – with its titanium body and rough design – has got a more attractive look. Needless to say, some rumors talk about the bigger battery and higher price of this model.

According to Blass, this Pro version will likely come in two LTE and non-LTE models (while the new Apple Watch is said to be available only with cellular connections). The display of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is expected to be slightly larger than the display of the standard model. Evan Blass predicts a 45mm body for the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, and Mark Gorman also believes that the new Apple Watch will be between 46 and 47mm. Having said that, it seems that Apple and Samsung have once again started a tight competition and are aiming to win the title of the best smartwatch in 2022.

Finally, due to the larger screen, new sensors and higher quality materials, don’t be surprised if you hear that this new Apple Watch is priced between $900 and $999 (roughly equivalent to the base price of the iPhone 13 Pro). If, on the one hand, you are interested in having a new smart watch from Apple and on the other hand, you don’t want such an exorbitant cost. , you can choose between the following two options: the Apple Watch Series 8 (probably starting at $399) or the new Apple Watch SE (around $279). Needless to say, rumors suggest that the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro smart watch will also have a price equivalent to 490 euros (at the current exchange rate, approximately $490).

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