Blackberry’s activities will probably end in the world of smartphones

Blackberry’s activities will probably end in the world of smartphones

Blackberry’s activities will probably end in the world of smartphones

It’s been a while since we hear good news from Blackberry and it seems that the brand that once dominated the mobile phone market is stuck in a swamp of wrong decisions and unworthy managers and is struggling with death. . Last year, Onward Mobility was said to be planning to revive BlackBerry smartphones after a two-year hiatus. The company even announced that it will release the first BlackBerry smartphones based on the fifth generation mobile network (5G) in 2021; But as you know, this never happened.

Even at the beginning of this year, there were whispers about the release of BlackBerry smartphone; But unfortunately, it seems that Onward Mobility has stopped its activities altogether, which, if true, can be considered a bitter farewell to BlackBerry’s ambitions in the mobile world. BlackBerry also recently announced that it will end support for some of its Android smartphones and apps and sell its mobile phone, messaging and wireless networking patents for about $600 million.

  • end of an era; BlackBerry ends support for all its classic smartphones

All this shows that BlackBerry is not in a good mood and is trying to downsize its business. to leave the consumer market altogether. Of course, until this moment, it is not possible to confirm or deny the news of the suspension of Onward Mobility’s activities, and maybe there are still signs of hope; Even BlackBerry can cooperate with another company to produce its phones.

However, it may be the best decision for BlackBerry to stop working in this field; Because if this company continues to produce its phones, it is unlikely that it will be able to have anything to say against its competitors; Especially in the era when touch phones stand out with hardware, great screens and affordable prices.

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