Balmuda von; When a toaster company makes a smartphone

Balmuda von; When a toaster company makes a smartphone

Balmuda von; When a toaster company makes a smartphone

The smartphone market is so attractive that every day we see different companies trying to produce them; Companies whose main work has nothing to do with the world of smartphones. Meanwhile, a Japanese home appliance manufacturing company recently announced earlier this year that it plans to produce an Android phone. Balmoda is a brand that we know mostly for its $299 toaster. The new smartphone of this company has powerful specifications and a very lovely design that will fit easily in your hand. 9to5google, this smartphone has a body similar to the polycarbonate body of the HTC One X; But the important difference between them is that the Balmoda phone uses an interesting curve. This phone is designed to fit easily in the palm of your hand. In order to achieve this goal, the manufacturer of this product has designed its back part to be curved, and a gentle curve can be seen in its front part. It uses a 2500 mAh battery that is charged through a USB Type-C port. Like the Pixel 4a 5G Google, this phone is equipped with a Snapdragon 765 processor. Other specifications of Balmuda Phone include 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. The main camera of this device is 48 megapixels and the fingerprint sensor is also located next to the mirror.

The selfie camera of this phone is 8 megapixels and it also supports NFC and IP44 standard, which means that it is somewhat resistant to water and dust penetration. It is resistant. This phone runs Android 11 by default; Of course, the manufacturing company has also considered a custom skin for it. Needless to say, Google services such as the Play Store, Google Drive, Google Search, Gmail, Chrome and YouTube Music can also be seen on the main page of Balmuda Phone.

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Applications such as calendar, notes, calculator and clock are fully customized in this phone. The camera program of this phone also uses a minimal design and the last photo recorded with the camera can always be seen on the left side. The camera menu is also embedded on the left side of this application. You can swipe the video button to access food or cooking, people, night mode and video capture modes.

The phone’s design style is very different, not too digital, with hints of textures and skeuomorphism throughout. There is. Skeomorphism is one of the design styles that try to depict the real world and draw the objects in the real world as they are. This style is actually the opposite of the flat design.

On the main screen of the Balmuda Phone, various functions can be called with visual operations such as dragging and tapping. For example, you can swipe your finger on the home screen bar to contact one of your contacts or launch the map app to know your location. To access frequently used functions such as schedule, clock, note and calculator, you can also swipe on the home screen and thus access these functions more quickly.

Balmoda phone will be pre-ordered from November 17 (November 26, 1400) in Japan, and retail sales will begin from November 26 (December 5, 1400). The price of the unlocked version of this product is $918; But so far, the details of its release in other parts of the world are not available.

According to the announcement of Balmoda, this model will be managed by Softbank as one of the domestic telecommunications companies. Models without a SIM card (unlocked models) will also be ready for sale soon.

EMGblog users, what is your opinion about the small and interesting Balmoda smartphone?

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