ASUS makes gaming easier than ever with the new TUF series products

ASUS makes gaming easier than ever with the new TUF series products

ASUS makes gaming easier than ever with the new TUF series products

Asus is trying to provide more fun in games along with a more reasonable price for amateur players by introducing special game equipment. In this regard, this company has added several new members to its TUF product series, which includes a special gaming system with a steel chassis, a waterproof keyboard, a special mouse and a headset with a metal strap. Asus is also working with several companies to create its own gaming alliance called TUF Gaming Alliance. This cooperation allows users to be sure that Asus gaming products are well supported on other manufacturers’ devices.

The first product of the TUF family was an inexpensive motherboard that was introduced in 2017. Recently, TUF FX504 economic laptop with a price of 699 dollars has also been introduced from this series. The said laptop uses the latest series of Intel processors for which the Core i7-8750H model is intended. Also, NVIDIA’s GTX 1060 graphics card can satisfy many game enthusiasts. The desktop version of this family is also equipped with a Core i7-8700 processor and a GTX 1050 graphics card.

TUF GT501 gaming case

Perhaps the most important new member of the TUF family, The gaming case is the GT501, which will be available in black with red accents. Its simple design promises a powerful gaming device and uses the X icon seen in many Asus products. The body of the device is made of metal, but the front panel is made of plastic. Also, smoked glass is considered for the side body of the case so that the user can easily see the internal parts of the device. The strong fabric handle is also intended for easy moving of the case so that players can organize their lawn parties easily.

ASUS has decided to put 30mm of extra space on the back of the motherboard so that users can put their extra wires or colored strips there. This product comes with 3 140 mm PWM fans by default, but you can add up to 6 more fans (3 on the top and 3 on the bottom). These spaces can also be used to accommodate dual or triple fans.

TUF gaming alliance

Asus has partnered with several other computer component manufacturers to ensure products for The Ultimate game. Force will be available with a black-silver integrated design to maintain the harmony of the family members. On the other hand, supporting Asus products on the platforms of other manufacturers is also one of the goals of this alliance. The products of this series will all be released under a common brand and can make it easier for users to assemble gaming PC parts. For example, the RAMs of this collection will be fully compatible with other parts such as motherboards of this series, and buyers can go to the parts they need with more confidence.

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To be a member of this alliance, manufacturers must approve some necessary standards in their products. One of these standards is heat and stress tolerance. DRAM modules should be tested at a frequency higher than their limit and a lower voltage will be applied to them. Also, to ensure heat tolerance, they should be active in a room with a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius for 24 hours. Power sources should also be able to continue their activity in conditions with 90% humidity. So if you need a system that works well in hot weather conditions, TUF products can be a good option for you. Currently, famous companies such as Cooler Master, Corsair, JSkill, Deep Cool and Epicer have joined this alliance.

Mouse M5

mouse is designed with a combination of black and silver colors and can last for several years under heavy use. Asus claims that the two main keys of this mouse can withstand up to 50 million clicks. Of course, this capacity will not include the other 3 keys of this mouse. By using Armory II software, users can save 3 separate profiles on the internal memory of this mouse so that the previous profiles are available even after changing the system. The Pixart PAW3327 sensor used in the M5 mouse can detect a resolution of up to 6200 dots per inch (DPI), which is an acceptable amount. This device also uses lighting customization, and users can coordinate its color with the lighting of other parts of their computer.

K5 Keyboard

Keyboard K5 is designed for people who are a little distracted and may spill some soda or water on their keyboard. Asus has tried to ease the mind of this group of users with its new keyboard. K5 can be relatively resistant to liquids and up to 60 ml of liquids cannot cause any problems in its work. Also, the keys use three layers of color so that they don’t fade due to the continuous pressure of the players.

Unfortunately, this product does not use mechanical keys; Instead, Asus claims that its keyboard switches are Mech-Brane. These types of switches are the same as common examples in the market, but they have the task of inducing the feeling of mechanical switches to the user. Of course, the positive thing about this keyboard is its RGB lighting, which can be divided into 5 separate sections. Using Asus Aura Sync software, you can synchronize the lighting of the keyboard to the M5 mouse or other computer components. Like the company’s new mouse, the K5 keyboard can save personalized profiles. Rounding out the new line of TUF products is the H5 gaming headset. This headset uses stainless steel and makes it more resistant and gives the user the feeling of a luxury product. The product phones use 50 mm Essence drivers and are equipped with a detachable microphone and USB adapter.

Asus has not announced the price tag of any of its new products, but we will see their release in the market from the third quarter of this year.

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