Apple’s patent for using optical audio transmission in AR/VR headsets and AirPods

Apple’s patent for using optical audio transmission in AR/VR headsets and AirPods

Apple’s patent for using optical audio transmission in AR/VR headsets and AirPods

News unit Bluetooth technology is one of the main elements of today’s mobile technology. Is. What this technology provides us is so attractive that sometimes we feel like there is magic involved. Of course, like many other technologies, Bluetooth also has its weaknesses and limitations. But apparently Apple has a new plan to overcome these limitations. About a month ago, Gary Geaves, vice president of the acoustic department of Apple, in an interview with What HiFi, while referring to the limitations of Bluetooth bandwidth, said that it is not unlikely that we will see the release of AirPods in the future that, thanks to a kind of exclusive technology, can provide users with a superior experience of “Spatial Audio”.

Gary Graves stated in this interview Of course, wireless technology is critical to content delivery, but there are other things too, including the amount of delay when moving the head, and if it’s too long, between moving the head and the sound changing (or staying still). In such a situation, it gives the user an unpleasant feeling. Therefore, we should focus on this issue and try to use the maximum capabilities of Bluetooth technology. In this regard, there are solutions to make the most of Bluetooth or bypass its limitations. Gary Geeves declined to provide more information, saying only that more bandwidth is needed to make this happen.

Apple has recently been awarded a patent that is not unrelated to the words of Gary Geaves. This patent was issued on Tuesday, January 25, 2022 (Bahman 5, 1400) under the title “Optical Audio Transmission from Source Device to Wireless Earphones” by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Published. It should be noted that one of the ways to access more bandwidth is to use optical audio transmission. Optical audio transmission is a way to send audio data through an optical signal. In hi-fi systems, this is usually done through an optical cable, which transfers information between the source and the receiver with complete security.

But Apple is looking to do the same thing wirelessly. Due to the fact that wireless optical signals are easily jammed, they are mainly suitable for use over short distances, and this is the scenario addressed in Apple’s recent patent.

Apple’s proposed system in the recent patent is as follows:

A system including an audio source device configured to receive audio data (at least one audio channel of program content) take The audio source device has an audio transmitter for transmitting audio data (as an optical signal) and a radio frequency transceiver. The system also consists of a wireless earphone, where there is an optical receiver to receive audio data (as an optical signal) and a radio frequency transceiver to transmit feedback data. Other components of this system include a speaker for outputting audio data; The same data as in the optical signal or data packets, in the form of sound.

Of course, if you carefully look at one of the images published with Apple’s patent, you can see that this company plans to use wireless optical audio from an AR/VR headset. Send to a pair of Togoshi AirPods. Even at such a short distance, using optical transmission can be challenging (because of the possibility of signal interference). Imagine turning on a laser in a room, its beam goes from one side of the room to the other. In this example, the laser acts as the transmitter, the red light that comes out of it represents the audio information, and the wall that is on the other side and the laser beam hits it, acts as the receiver. If your hand is in front of the laser, the information will not reach the receiver. Obviously, the shorter the distance between the sender and the receiver, the easier the transmission process is, but still, even at a short distance, there is a possibility of interference. This is why Apple included Bluetooth in its patent, because Bluetooth can be interrupted The optical signal is made with the help of transmission process.

At the end, it should be mentioned that, like other patents, this case is just an idea and there is no guarantee that it will reach the production stage. But in any case, getting to know these creative designs (even if they are just ideas) is not without grace.

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