Apple’s new patent showed the company’s solution to remove the iPhone screen notch

Apple’s new patent showed the company’s solution to remove the iPhone screen notch

Apple’s new patent showed the company’s solution to remove the iPhone screen notch

Since Apple introduced FaceID with the iPhone X, its customers have They complained a lot. However, the company didn’t seem to mind the online backlash. It even included the cursed notch in its latest MacBook Pros.

However, it now seems that Apple is aware of these criticisms and is trying to find a suitable solution to fix it. Many people thought that this company would get rid of the notch like Android by adding a hole inside the screen; But it looks like Apple will go one step further and get rid of the gap entirely.

According to extreme tech’s report, according to a recently discovered patent from Apple, it seems that the company is designing a camera which is placed behind the screen. The patent is titled “Electronic Device Including a Camera Located Behind a Display,” which is pretty straightforward.

According to Apple’s Patently details, this new design allows the camera system to Take a picture through the screen. According to the image below, although the camera number 430 does not make contact with the display number 410, it is closer to the back surface (number 418) of the display than to its front surface (number 417).

As you can see in the above image, Apple shows its notch and non-notch designs here. The main stumbling block seems to be how the camera system can function normally with the display displaying the content. Another part of the patent deals with how to reduce “image distortion” caused by the display.

Apple’s proposed image consists of a set of two filters that light must pass through to reach the camera. Images consist of incoming light passing through an optical filter and then a low-pass filter. According to the patent, the low-pass filter is likely to remove certain parts of light based on its composition. Also, it is mentioned that the phone needs a processor paired with the camera and display to manage these filters.

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Like all Apple patents, this design may never become a reality. This company generally registers its various ideas; Because it may be needed at some point. For example, the company has already filed a patent for the iPhone and Mac Pro, which are completely made of glass. But it cannot be said that he does not like to have a device without a notch. It can still be tolerated in a smartphone; But it really feels awkward to have it on the Macbook Pro. Let’s say that when watching video content or running full-screen apps, you have to shrink them a bit to see them fully.

Now it remains to be seen whether one day Apple will seriously decide to change the design of the display of its devices.


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