Apple’s new patent has raised the rumors of titanium iPhone, iPad and MacBook again

Apple’s new patent has raised the rumors of titanium iPhone, iPad and MacBook again

Apple’s new patent has raised the rumors of titanium iPhone, iPad and MacBook again

After the introduction of Powerbook G4 with a titanium body in 2001, lovers of the biggest and most valuable brand in the world of technology waited for the launch of any product using this raw material; So that titanium iPhone and titanium Macbook and even titanium iPad are among the products that the customers of Sinachak Apple wish for. Of course, the people of Cupertino also reacted to this love and interest, and with the introduction of the titanium version of the Apple Watch, the rumors of the release of other products with a titanium body also gained strength.

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Apple has recently published a patent that uses a titanium body for products such as iPad, iPhone and even MacBook beckons. As you know, titanium in its raw and untreated state does not look very attractive; Therefore, the Cupertinos have come up with a solution to the problem; A solution that causes the titanium surface to take on a semi-glassy state.

Almost every iPhone model has at least one rumor about a titanium body. This happened to the iPhone 13 as well; But unfortunately, in the end, Apple launched the regular series with an aluminum body and the Pro models using steel. Today’s patent describes the problems in the field of using titanium for the body of the device:

Portable electronic devices include various parts such as screens, processors, antennas, etc. To protect the internal parts, different types of metal such as aluminum are used to increase the resistance of the device against external factors.

Using the right manufacturing process to make the body of the device more attractive and beautiful is one of the important points for product production. Are. Some metals have good resistance and hardness; As a result, the process of adding charm to its outer surface will be very difficult. Therefore, newer solutions should be used for harder metals.

Apple describes a different and confusing way to achieve an attractive texture on metal that is very similar to a matte surface. Confusing because the metal is only found in nature in matte form and has to go through various polishing processes to make it shiny; So why go through a new and different process to achieve a matte finish? However, it is possible that the Cupertinos have in mind a different form of the matte surface, which will require inventing different methods to implement it.

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Of course, it should Also consider that Apple registers many patents monthly and even daily, only a very few of which make it to the final products.

What is your opinion about the titanium iPhone or Apple’s titanium iDevices in general?

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