Apple’s new patent; Foldable iPhone or iPad with stylus support

Apple’s new patent; Foldable iPhone or iPad with stylus support

Apple’s new patent; Foldable iPhone or iPad with stylus support

Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and a few other phone manufacturers have entered the foldable phone market in recent years, but Apple currently prefers to make iPhones with a conventional design and not to produce these types of devices. However, whistleblowers say that Apple is actively working on an iPhone or iPad equipped with a foldable display.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has just published a new patent that belongs to Apple and has the following title: “Electronic devices equipped with foldable displays with flexible area support structures.”

According to Patentfully Apple, Apple in its patent description Refers to an electronic device that has a folding frame that allows the device to fold and unfold around an axis. A flexible screen may be placed inside the folding body of the product. A flexible screen may have a special array of pixels and bend around an axis when the body is folded. The description section says that a thin layer of glass is likely to be placed on the flexible display as a cover.

A groove-like indentation parallel to the bending axis may be created in the glass cover. This indentation creates a thin, flexible section on the glass, allowing the screen to bend around the axis of the device. Apple says it may use polymer in the indentation to help flatten the surface of the display’s coating.

Apple may use strong structures such as glass strips or small glass spheres to help flatten the surface of the display’s coating. to embed in the polymer. With this, the outer surface of the coating layer does not change shape with the external pressure of objects such as a touch pen. In this part of the patent description, Apple has mentioned the touch pen and this means that the foldable iPhone will most likely support the Apple Pencil. Jadidi showed that one of its foldable products is going to be a laptop type. In that patent, images were presented that were very similar to the images of the current patent.

Foldable laptop, unlike today’s MacBooks, makes it possible to obtain a convertible device (two in one). Imagine an iPad equipped with a large screen that can be bent; In this case, if you fold the device to 90 degrees, you can use the lower part of the screen as a virtual keyboard. Asus and HP will probably introduce such products this fall.

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Apple In the description section, it says that the first image of the patent (FIG. 1) may be related to iPhone, iPad or laptop. In the second image of the patent (FIG. 2) we see a laptop with a flexible display. The fourth image of the patent (FIG. 4) shows a cross-sectional view of a flexible screen from the side, on which a cover layer is used. Part of this cover layer has a thinner structure for the hinge area. The seventh image of the patent (FIG. 7) shows the polymer material that is placed in the depression and in which solid particles are used.

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As you can see in the image of patent number seven, solid structures such as particles The small ones marked with the number 60 in the picture may be inserted into the polymer (50). These solid particles may be spherical structures or structures of other shapes and are made of raw materials such as glass that

This style of design increases the strength of the polymer. Also, the strong particles in the polymer make the part of the glass coating surface that is placed on top of the thinned part not easily dented by the pressure of objects such as a touch pen.

Patents usually include specialized details and sentences. There are a lot of incomprehensible things and we tried to explain what Apple has presented in its new patent as comprehensible as possible. For more and more specialized details, you can view patent page number 20220201885 in the United States Patent and Trademark Office database.

Don’t forget that everything we said is about patents, and patents sometimes never translate into real products. They do not So until Apple announces anything, everything will remain a rumor.


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