Apple’s new MacBook Pro launches with a more powerful processor and a revised keyboard

Apple’s new MacBook Pro launches with a more powerful processor and a revised keyboard

Apple’s new MacBook Pro launches with a more powerful processor and a revised keyboard

Apple MacBook Pro 15 inches with 8 and 6 core processors and Macbook Pro 13 inches with Touch Bar and 8th generation Quad-Core processors. The American giant says the upgrades mean the MacBook Pro 15-inch is twice as fast as older models with quad-core processors and twice as powerful as the MacBook Pro 6. Nuclear has increased by 40%. The Cupertinos say it’s the fastest Mac laptop ever, and the keyboard has been updated too.

Speed ​​improvements

Now you can He ordered the 15-inch MacBook Pro 6-core Core i7 model with a base frequency of 2.6 GHz for $2,399 in boost mode. Its frequency increases up to 4.5 GHz and 400 MHz in turbo speed. Also, for a little more cost, $2,799, you can get the 8-core Core i9 MacBook Pro with two more cores. And 500 MHz faster frequency compared to the existing 6-core model.

The new MacBooks are available for purchase starting today

The 13-inch MacBook Pro model also comes with a Touch Bar and a 4th generation processor. A core with a base frequency of 2.4 GHz is available, which can be increased up to 4.7 GHz in Turbo Boost mode. In the optional configuration mode (Configure-your-own), the frequency of this laptop is changed to another 200 MHz and its speed is twice as fast as the dual-core 13-inch MacBook model.

Upgrading the speed and keyboard of MacBook Pro (MacBook Pro) occurs during a one-year refresh of Apple’s flagship product. The company updated this model last July and then, in October, it upgraded its graphics and now it has been upgraded to Core i9. It is worth noting that Mac continues to grow and develop as the main part of Apple’s business due to the saturation of the smartphone market.

Keyboard Improvement

In the past, EMGblog has addressed issues with MacBook keyboards in articles. According to TechCrunch, Apple said about the new Mac keyboards: Unless you put the new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air keyboard under a rock or set it on fire, you can find a problem with it. Therefore, there will be no more mistyping of a few words or repeated words. The industry term for this is “build and rebuild”.

Apple has recently completely renovated the Mac keyboard in order to resist the penetration of dust particles under the keys and as a result the laptop heats up. Was; While this was a great update, it did have some issues. However, the Cupertinos never abandoned these keyboards.

Apple has announced three changes to improve these keyboards:

1. Changes have been made to the MacBook Pro keyboard material, which will significantly reduce the problem of retyping or not typing letters. Apple has not yet commented on the changes applied; But naturally, by opening the keyboard, you can see the applied changes.

2. Apple believes that these changes will solve the Mac keyboard problem. These changes in the form of the Keyboard Service Program are also applied to the butterfly keyboards used in the company’s laptop production line; This means that the keyboard of the existing MacBook Pros and even the models that are released today, whether they have a warranty or not, will be repaired free of charge.

3. Apple has announced that it has made fundamental changes in the repair process at Apple Stores to solve the problem of prolonged repair times. Read this Zomit article for more information.

If the customers MacBook is the third generation keyboard problem , they can replace its keyboard with a newer generation. Therefore, those who have a problematic Mac or Air can benefit from the new 4th generation keyboard. It should be noted that the keyboard changes are “internal”; In the sense that there has been no change in the appearance or the way of contacting the keyboard; Because the company’s goal was for users to have the same typing experience as the current generation of keyboards.

  • Macbook Pro 2018 Apple keyboard prevents dust from penetrating with a silicone membrane
  • Apple will now fix your faulty MacBook keyboard within 24 hours

MacBook Pro is famous only for its keyboard and no one except its users mentions the bugs in other parts. If Apple can solve the problems of the current generation of its keyboards, it will fill the potential gap in the sales of its laptops and find enough time to introduce a new generation of these devices.

More details of this speed upgrade at the conference WWDC Apple is announced; Where iOS 13 and other software products are expected to be unveiled. Apple has often used that event to introduce hardware improvements. The company’s decision to announce improvements to the speed and keyboard of the MacBook Pro may be due to an attempt to “clear the field” for other products at that conference, or to hint at a “fix” to the keyboard problem, or both.

WWDC June 2019 Conference ( It will be held on June 13, 2018. You can follow the news related to this conference specially from EMGblog.

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