Apple’s MacBook Pro 2018 keyboard prevents dust from entering with a silicone membrane

Apple’s MacBook Pro 2018 keyboard prevents dust from entering with a silicone membrane

Apple’s MacBook Pro 2018 keyboard prevents dust from entering with a silicone membrane

Apple in defining its new MacBook Pros announced that the new keyboards are quieter are from previous models; But he did not provide more explanation about the hardware design of the new keyboards; However, after opening the hardware part of the keyboard, you will notice a new layer of silicone on each key, which indicates that the keys are more resistant to dust penetration.

One of the website experts iFixit, After opening the keyboard of the latest MacBook Pro model, I noticed significant changes in It was designed. Apparently, Apple has covered the mechanism of each key using a thin silicon membrane, thus the keys are protected from dust by using a thin layer of silicon. With this new design, problems such as those that occurred last year for the keyboard of the previous generation MacBook Pro will not appear.

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Apple has not mentioned such an issue about the new MacBook Pro and the iFixit report has not yet been approved by Apple; However, iFixit claims that the silence of the keyboard is only one of the side effects of using the silicone layer, and in fact, one of the uses of the new silicone layer is to prevent dust from penetrating under the keys.

A few days ago Apple Macbook Pro 13 and 15 inches have been updated with the 8th generation Intel processor and quieter keyboard. At the same time, there was a serious discussion about the third generation of keys based on the Butterfly keyboard mechanism. A number of MacBook Pro users had encountered the problem of dust particles getting stuck in their MacBook keyboard. It got to the point where some users offered solutions to solve this problem, and finally in March it became clear thatApple’s MacBook will be equipped with a dust-resistant keyboard.

After the introduction of the new MacBook Pro, the initial assumption was based on the fact that the new keyboard will be quieter than the previous generation; But there was no mention of solving the problem of dust particles under the keys. Basically, according to Apple’s announcement, changes have been made to the design of the keyboard; But the residents of Cupertino did not provide much explanation about its details. Apple hasn’t announced that the new keys are more reliable than previous models.

Apple’s new patent seems to confirm this theory. Apple’s new patent confirms that a thin layer of protective silicone will be placed on the keyboard keys to prevent dust from penetrating under the keys. Undoubtedly, the design of the MacBook Pro keyboard is considered one of the important and key issues for Apple, and it is one of the issues that Cupertino residents take care of. It is possible that Apple is still hesitant about solving the problem of dust getting stuck under the keys in the new design. On the other hand, we should not ignore the fact that Apple does not consider previous keyboards to be defective in order to decide to introduce a new solution as a way to fix the defects of its previous products. From this point of view, the mentioned cases can be considered as the reason for the silence of Cupertino residents regarding the new design of the keyboard.

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