Apple’s financial report from the quarter ending September 2021 – effects of chip shortages and supply chain problems emerge

Apple’s financial report from the quarter ending September 2021 – effects of chip shortages and supply chain problems emerge

Apple’s financial report from the quarter ending September 2021 – effects of chip shortages and supply chain problems emerge

News unit : Company Apple on Thursday, October 28, 2021 (Aban 6, 1400) released its financial report for the fourth quarter of the company’s fiscal year ending on September 25 (according to with the third quarter of 2021) announced; According to this report, Apple’s revenue has reached 83.4 billion dollars in this period, which has increased by 29% compared to the same time last year. This figure, of course, was less than the $84.85 billion forecast by experts, which Apple attributed to the problems beyond the expectation of the supply chain for the iPhone, Mac and iPad family. Apple’s operating profit and net profit in this quarter were 23.7 and 20.5 billion dollars, respectively, which compared to 14.7 and 12.6 billion dollars in the previous year, they faced big changes.

Tim Cook CEO Apple said of the report: “This year we’re introducing our most powerful products to date, from Macs powered by the M1 [processor] to a range of [family We introduced the iPhone 13, which has set a new standard in terms of performance and empowering our customers to create [content] and new types of communication.” Cook continues to talk about Apple’s efforts to get closer to the goal of being carbon neutral throughout the company’s supply chain by 2030. Of course, apart from these promising words, in an interview with CNBC, Tim Cook also explained the different conditions of Apple in the current season: “We are performing very well despite the limitations beyond the expectation [of the supply chain], which we forecast to be around $6 billion. We had a strong “Supply constraints stem from widespread chip shortages in the industry, which have been widely discussed, and COVID-related production disruptions in Southeast Asia.” Accordingly, Apple predicts a bigger loss for the quarter ending in December 2021.

Apple CEO Tim Cook

This is the first time Apple has missed revenue estimates since April 2016, according to Refinitiv data. It has come true and it is the first time since May 2017 that Apple’s revenue has fallen short of the forecasts.

Apple has introduced and launched various devices in the period related to this report, including the iPhone 13 family, the new generation of iPad includes Apple iPad 10.2 2021 and iPad mini New and Apple Watch Series 7 pointed out Third generation AirPods and MacBook New Pros with advanced processors have also been announced since the report, and their impact on Apple’s earnings should be looked for next quarter. Apple’s gross profit margin this season is 42.2%, which has increased compared to 38.2% last year. Apple also announced a quarterly dividend of $0.22 per share, which will be paid to shareholders on November 11. For the entire fiscal year 2021, Apple is talking about sales of 365.8 billion dollars and net profit of 94.7 billion dollars, which compares with the figures of 2020, i.e. sales of 274.5 billion dollars and net profit of 57.4 billion dollars.

In the following, we will examine the amount of income and profit of various divisions of Apple in the quarter ending September 25, 2021.

iPhone: 47% growth, inability to meet expectations

iPhone 13 series, although in the third season They were introduced in 2021, but their presence in the market took place only one day before the statistics of this report, i.e. September 24, and therefore it is not possible to speak of their extensive impact on the results of this sector. As always, Apple’s iPhone sub-series is the most profitable part of this company, and this time it has grown by nearly 47% compared to the previous year with an income of 38.86 billion dollars. Of course, this figure is still lower than the market forecast of $41.5 billion for the iPhone. The problems of the iPhone sector will probably be more colorful in the next Apple report, because now the process of sending pre-sold iPhones is longer than usual, and it is not easy to find advanced Apple phones in the company’s stores.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

The sale of Apple iPhones in the entire fiscal year 2021 of this company has reached 191.97 billion dollars, which shows a growth of 39% compared to the figure of 137.78 billion dollars of the previous year.

iPad: growth beyond expectations, revenue forecast to decline next quarter

iPads Apple in the quarter ending September 2021 with a revenue of 8.25 billion dollars and an annual growth of 21% have enjoyed good conditions and have even exceeded the forecast of 7.23 billion dollars of the market. In its conference call, Apple talks about the strong performance of the iPad family, which it considers to be the result of the satisfaction of customers and buyers who join the group of iPad users for the first time, but at the same time, it is clear that the revenue generation of this subset in the next quarter is due to the limitations of the chain. has also predicted the supply.

Apple iPad mini 2021

Apple will release two new iPads later this quarter, including Apple iPad 10.2 2021 and New iPad mini launched on the market, the first one is good news due to its reasonable price and 12 megapixel selfie camera equipped with Center Stage, and in the case of iPad mini, it also has a new design, support for 5G and The USB-C port attracted the attention of many buyers. The iPad family has achieved sales of $31.86 billion in the full fiscal year 2021, which is a 34% increase compared to $23.72 billion in the previous year.

Mac computers: record-breaking in the September quarter

Apple attributes the success of this subset to strong demand for the MacBook Air equipped with the M1 processor, since half of Mac customers are new at this time. He said that it shows the same situation as the iPad. Apple recently released new MacBook Pro computers equipped with

Wearables, Home and accessories: Growth below par Waiting


‘s wearables, home and accessories sub-category of Apple, which includes some of the most popular Apple products and at the top of them, the Apple Watch, have achieved a revenue of 8.78 billion dollars in the quarter ending September 2021, which has experienced a noticeable drop compared to the market forecast of 9.33 billion dollars. Of course, this subset still has better conditions compared to the previous year and has enjoyed an 11.5% growth.

Apple Watch Series 7

Apple will release the Apple Watch Series 7 has unveiled a larger screen and dust resistance. They are an important factor in its structure. Introducing The third generation of AirPods and new colors for the HomePod mini smart speaker (announced after this report) promise a promising quarter ahead for this sub. This sector has reached a revenue of 38.36 billion dollars in the entire fiscal year 2021, which shows an annual growth of 25.3%. In this turn, after the iPhone, Apple belongs to the Apple services business, which includes profitable parts such as the App Store, subscription services Apple Music and Apple TV +, advertising, iCloud, Apple Pay and Apple Card. In the quarter ended September 2021, Apple services achieved a revenue of 18.27 billion dollars, which compared to the revenue of 14.54 billion dollars in the previous year shows a growth of 25.6%. The amount of revenue generated by this segment has not only exceeded the market forecast of $17.64 billion in sales, but Apple itself also considers it to be beyond expectations.

According to Tim Cook, Apple currently has 745 million non-free subscribers, which They not only use Apple’s own services such as Apple Music, but also include subscriptions made through the App Store. According to the CEO of Apple, this figure is 160 million more than the previous year and shows a 5-fold increase in five years. Apple’s services sector has achieved a revenue of 68.42 billion dollars in the entire fiscal year 2021, which shows a growth of more than 27% compared to the 53.76 billion dollars earned by this sub-group in the previous year.

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