Apple’s CEO accused Android phone manufacturers of copying iPhone technology

Apple’s CEO accused Android phone manufacturers of copying iPhone technology

Apple’s CEO accused Android phone manufacturers of copying iPhone technology

The Wall Street Journal yesterday published a documentary focusing on the evolution of the iPhone until its birth. Celebrating 15 years of this popular smartphone brand. In this documentary, people such as Greg Jazwiak (Marketing Manager of Apple), Tony Fidel (one of the creators of the iPhone) and a number of iPhone users have been interviewed.

According to McRommers, Joswiak said in his new interview: “They were nerve-racking because As you know, these companies faked our technology. They made a poor copy of the innovations we had created and simply put a bigger screen on it. We were not very happy with this situation.”

Samsung released theGalaxy S4 in early It launched in 2013 with a five-inch screen, at a time when the Apple iPhone 5 had a four-inch screen. Apple finally released the iPhone 6 with a 4.7-inch screen and iPhone 6 Plus launched on the market with a 5.5-inch screen and gradually moved away from the era of small phones. The demand for Apple’s 2014 iPhones was very high and these phones were among the best-selling iPhones in history.

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In 2011, Apple claimed Samsung violated its patents and sued the company. Apple said at the time that Samsung had copied the iPhone’s design in the Galaxy series phones. The court initially awarded Samsung nearly $1 billion in damages, but a retrial reduced the fine.

Apple finally settled with Samsung in 2018, saying in a statement: “We We believe deeply in the value of design and our team members work tirelessly to create innovative products to delight our customers. For us, this case has always been beyond money. Apple ignited the smartphone revolution with the iPhone, and Samsung’s blatant copying of our design is a reality. It’s important that we continue to protect the hardware and innovation of the many people at Apple. We are grateful to the jury for their service and are pleased that they agreed that Samsung must pay fines for copying our products.”

Refer to Wall Street Journal website You can see the documentary about the iPhone.

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