Apple will use satellite communication system in iPhone 14 and then Apple Watch

Apple will use satellite communication system in iPhone 14 and then Apple Watch

Apple will use satellite communication system in iPhone 14 and then Apple Watch

A new report confirming some previous claims says that the Apple iPhone 14 ( Apple iPhone 14) will likely be equipped with a satellite communication system for emergency texting and SOS requests. It is also possible that this feature will eventually be added to the Apple Watch.

iMore and Apple phones is offered. This technology allows users to send text messages to emergency contacts and report incidents through satellite networks without the need for an operator network.

Before the release of iPhone 13 Mark Garman claimed that the ability to send text messages through satellite networks is provided in this phone, but in the end, Apple’s iPhone 13 was released without the mentioned feature. At that time, Garmin said that the iPhone’s satellite communication system would send an SOS distress signal in the event of an accident such as a plane crash or a ship sinking. Apparently, Apple’s plan to implement the satellite communication system consists of two parts, the first part It is called “Emergency SMS by audience”. This feature allows the user to send a short text message to emergency services and audiences in places where cellular signal is not available. Whenever a message is sent through this feature, the color of the message bubble will turn gray.

The second part of Apple’s communication system allows the user to report incidents such as car accidents, sinking boats and ships, or plane crashes. Report to relevant institutions. In this case, the phone (or watch) asks the user what accident has occurred and whether this accident includes a car, boat, plane, or fire.

  • iPhone 14 Pro models will probably support satellite communications
  • Apple may be working on emergency satellite communications for future iPhones

This system is capable of receiving information It also has a more specific meaning; such as a person falling into the sea or a ship sinking. In this case, the device asks the user whether search and rescue services are needed. Other questions are also asked to the user: Has any suspicious behavior been observed? Has the user seen a weapon? Has anyone been seriously injured? and similar questions.

Apparently, Apple’s satellite connectivity will depend on local laws and is not going to work in all countries.

Mark Garman has once again emphasized in his new report that Apple is releasing three new Apple Watches this year: the Apple Watch Series 8, the new Apple Watch SE and a new ultra-durable watch focused on professional athletes.

Garman says the watchOs 9 operating system will host A new low-power mode that will provide more functions than the current low-power mode on watches like Apple Watch Series 7 gave The current version of Low Power Mode limits the Apple Watch’s functionality to displaying the time.

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