Apple will probably use its own 5G modem in the 2023 iPhone

Apple will probably use its own 5G modem in the 2023 iPhone

Apple will probably use its own 5G modem in the 2023 iPhone

As previously reported, Apple plans to use 5G modems from 2023 leave Qualcomm aside. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the company is likely to use its own 5G modem next year. will be using it on their iPhones.

9to5Mac writes that Apple always tries to keep its secrets hidden; But when it comes to the shift in the chip market, even this company can’t hide its actions. The Wall Street Journal has pointed out the points that show what direction Apple has taken in the modern chip industry. For example, in 2019 the Cupertino-based company acquired a majority of Intel’s smartphone modem business and 2,200 employees.

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Apple has about 140 jobs in San Diego, which is the birthplace of Qualcomm. directly related to the development and integration of cellular modem chips. Qualcomm’s financial manager said in 2021 that the company expects to supply about 20% of the 5G modems needed by Apple in 2023; While this company now provides nearly 100% of these modems for Apple.

Considering the points mentioned, it seems that Apple is producing dedicated 5G modems; Because this action will have advantages for Cupertinos. The first advantage is cost, says Wayne Lam. Another important advantage is that Apple can make 5G modems by producing 5G modems and integrating them with its A series chips, making them faster, more efficient and more capable than before. The M series has been very successful in the company’s Macs, one analyst has pointed out that Apple might face problems in designing, manufacturing and testing the new wireless modem; Because it takes a lot of time to produce such chips.

However, it is safe to say that if Apple enters the 5G modem market, these chips will probably be available in iPhone will use 2023. According to rumors, the iPhone 2023 is the model that may be equipped with a periscope camera. Ross Young, DSCC analyst, believes that Apple will use the design style of the hole and capsule notch in all iPhone 2023 models. Apple will certainly have a lot to say about its next iPhones with its 5G processor and modem and its own software.

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