Apple will probably unveil a mixed reality headset next year

Apple will probably unveil a mixed reality headset next year

Apple will probably unveil a mixed reality headset next year

Apple has been expected for a long time to unveil and launch the next generation MacBook Pro with a completely new design language; An important product because it will receive the latest M series chip in its heart and it is expected to have fewer restrictions compared to the previous generation and bring much more hardware power.

Recent reports indicate It was that Apple plans to unveil its next generation notebooks between September and November of this year. Mark German, the well-known analyst and reporter of Bloomberg, in his latest newsletter once again confirms this claim and believes that the giant of the technology world will soon release the next MacBook Pro in 14 and 16 inches along with Airpods. will unveil the third.


    • Macbook Pro 2021 will probably be unveiled in the fall according to Apple’s plans

By passing the MacBook Pro, next year will probably be very important for Cupertinos; Because, according to German, Apple has been developing Mac Pro with a very powerful chip based on ARM architecture for a long time. Mac Pro is the most powerful computer in the Mac family of computers in terms of performance criteria; In other words, Mac Pro is the most powerful device among the three desktop computers Mac Mini, iMac and Mac Pro that Apple currently produces and supplies, and as the last bastion of Intel in Mac computers, it plays an important role in this transition.

According to previous rumors, Apple has two chips codenamed “Jade 2C-Die” and “Jade 4C-Die” under development, which are equipped with 20 and 40 processing cores, respectively, with 16 and 32 performance cores. Above, together with four or eight cores with high efficiency, form the so-called Big.Little ARM arrangement. Apple also plans to bring the best possible performance in the graphics department; Therefore, the next Mac Pro GPU will be available in two configurations, 64 and 128 cores; Of course, it is still not clear whether Apple’s next graphics processor will be integrated and part of SOC (System-on-Chip) or if Apple has considered a discrete graphics card for this product.

In addition, Garman believes Apple will update the MacBook Air in early 2022, followed by the next iPad Pro, with a glass body to support wireless charging and new hardware specifications. It is also possible that this company will unveil the next generation of AirPods Pro. It is said that Apple will integrate more advanced motion sensors in its best audio wearable product, and we can imagine the use of biometric technology in the vision of Apple’s audio products. But definitely the most important possible product of Apple in recent years, the first HMD device headset) will be based on mixed reality technology, which is expected to be previewed, albeit in a limited fashion, next year. Earlier reports indicated that Apple has completed the physical design of three AR/VR chips, and the chips are apparently ready for trial production. Sources familiar with the development of the device say that according to the usual procedure, TSMC the task of producing chips is in charge of the aforementioned and probably the mass production will not start for at least another year. Apparently, all three chips are SOC type; But unlike other Apple processors, they don’t have a neural engine and machine learning capabilities.

It is said that Apple’s first mixed reality headset will use highly advanced micro-LED displays to immerse users in its world. Unlike traditional LED displays and OLED modules used in current portable electronic products, micro LED technology promises impressive clarity and performance in compact dimensions. These types of displays are made directly on wafers instead of glass layers; A mechanism that makes them noticeably thinner and smaller than normal screens.

This technology is a very suitable option for augmented reality wearable devices, smart watches, etc. Currently, the focus of panel suppliers is on making the displays bigger; But when it comes to light and thin devices such as glasses with augmented or virtual reality headsets, a very small, light and stunningly clear screen will be needed. It has been published in the coming years. According to previous reports, the people of Cupertino have faced many problems in the process of developing and designing Apple Glass based on augmented reality technology, and apparently, the introduction of these glasses may be delayed, and finally, Apple’s virtual reality headset or mixed reality as a stone. According to German, Apple is working on the feature of satellite communication for future iPhone models. Previously, it was claimed that Apple will provide support for satellite communications in the iPhone 13 series by using Qualcomm’s custom X60 chip; But at the time of the unveiling of the iPhone 13 family, he did not mention this feature. If this feature is used in future iPhones, only select markets or regions will have access to this feature.

Apparently, Apple’s satellite communications will only work as an emergency measure in the absence of cellular coverage. . It is also emphasized that the giant of the technology world will not provide the possibility of making satellite calls; Because this can lead to cold relations between Apple and mobile phone operators, which are often long-time partners of this company.

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