Apple will probably start selling the iPhone as a subscription service by 2023

Apple will probably start selling the iPhone as a subscription service by 2023

Apple will probably start selling the iPhone as a subscription service by 2023

According to Bloomberg, Apple plans to sell iPhone and iPad as a subscription service. The hardware works. This plan seems logical considering Apple’s extensive efforts to seriously enter the field of subscription services.

During the last few years, Apple has focused on subscription services such as Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, Apple News Plus, Apple has emphasized Fitness Plus and Apple Arcade as one of its key revenue sources. Many of these services are now available to Apple ecosystem users in the form of the Apple One plan, in the form of a bundle for purchase.

Apart from software services, Apple has also keyed subscription plans in the field of hardware; In 2019, Cupertino residents added a subscription model to the additional after-sales services known as AppleCare. Apple also offers the iPhone upgrade program, according to which, since 2015, it is possible to buy a combination of iPhone and AppleCare service with 24-month installments and replace the phone with a newer model after paying 12 installments.

Bloomberg’s recent report , does not provide information about the details of the iPhone subscription plan and its differences with the current plans for upgrading and replacing the phone; But Cupertino residents are likely to build their new plan on the basis of the iPhone installment upgrade model and enable the purchase of other services together with the iPhone. Currently, the monthly payment for the purchase of Apple services and the purchase of iPhone installments are made separately.

The idea is that in Apple’s new plan, just like services such as Apple Music, users can “borrow” an iPhone on a monthly basis. , it’s hard. Perhaps Apple just wants to expand the installment plan to its other products.

The iPhone upgrade plan allows users to get an interest-free loan from Citizens One and pay it back over 24 months. Apple also allows Apple Card users to purchase company products in installments without interest; But this plan is only limited to a small part of Apple users. The new subscription service can eliminate the aforementioned prerequisites and include all Apple products such as iPad and Mac.

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