Apple will probably make the corners of the iPhone 14 Pro more rounded

Apple will probably make the corners of the iPhone 14 Pro more rounded

Apple will probably make the corners of the iPhone 14 Pro more rounded

Ian Zelbo designed new renders to show Apple iPhone 14 Pro (Apple iPhone 14 Pro) is supposed to have more rounded corners than the current generation iPhones. It is said that this action by Apple will be done to match the body of the phone and the protrusion of the rear panel camera, which will be larger than before in the new generation.

MacRumors writes Zelbo many times based on information Revealed, renderings of unannounced Apple products such as Mac Studio, Display Studio , has designed a mixed reality headset and… He believes that the iPhone 14 Pro will use a body with more rounded corners.

Looking at CAD renderings, leaked details of dimensions, schematics, images of accessory molds and a series of additional information, we can understand that this claim is true. The reality is consistent. However, it seems that the curvature of the corners of the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max is supposed to be less than the iPhone 13 Pro Max is almost unchanged.

Possibly changes to the camera bump on the back panel iPhone, forcing Apple to make the corners of the device more rounded than before. The iPhone 14 Pro is said to include a larger bump to use a 48-megapixel camera for the first time in iPhone history. The sensor of this camera will be 57% larger than the current generation.

iPhone 13 Pro is on the right and iPhone 14 Pro is on the left of the image

The camera island on the back panel of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max largely matched the curved corners of the device, but when in 2021 Apple changed the dimensions of the camera island increased this match was lost. The difference between the rear camera island of the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the iPhone 13 Pro Max is not so great, but this difference between the phones iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro can be seen clearly.

By increasing the dimensions of the island The camera in the iPhones of 2022 will be even more different than before; So Apple felt it had to act. Ian Zelbo says that despite the changes that Apple is making, the curvature of the camera island is still not exactly the same as the curvature of the device, but their curvature is very close.

iPhone 13 Pro can be seen on the left and iPhone 14 Pro on the right side of the image

One of the other reasons for changing the curvature of the iPhone 14 Pro corner is probably the new design of the front panel of the device. Was. One of the biggest changes that the iPhone 14 Pro will see is the removal of the notch and replacing it with a circular hole and an oval hole. It is also expected that the iPhone 14 Pro will have 20% thinner bezels around. have a display. In order to achieve these changes, Apple had to redesign the display and thanks to this, it also changed its curvature.

  • iPhone 14 Pro was depicted in eye-catching renderings
  • Probably, the dimensions of the iPhone 14 Pro selfie camera will not change

Leaked data shows that Apple does not intend to curve the corners change the iPhone 14 like the Pro model. That means the more rounded design is likely to be another difference between the regular and Pro models of Apple’s new iPhones. Rumors say that the Pro iPhones in 2022 will have a 48 megapixel camera unlike regular iPhones, say goodbye to the notch, and use the A16 chip.

Ian Zelbo is working on iPhone 14 Pro renders based on information from several reliable sources. We show you exactly what Apple’s new flagship looks like. These renders will be released soon.

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