Apple will not hold a news event in October

Apple will not hold a news event in October

Apple will not hold a news event in October

Until the end of this year, there is not much time left and as it seems, the Cupertinos have no plans to hold a press event to introduce their new products. Craig Federighi, senior supervisor of Apple’s software engineering department, has announced in response to the possibility of holding a press event in October to unveil new products of this company. Apple has no plans to introduce its latest achievements in the field of software or hardware in the last quarter of 2017. In this regard, it has been announced:

– Will we see an Apple news event in October?

– Craig Federighi:

I guess we don’t have any plans to hold a news event this season!

The reason fans were waiting for a news event in October was because Cupertino residents In October 2016, they held a news event focusing on the introduction of their latest MacBooks, the MacBook Pro series with Touch Bar. For this reason, some expected that this year the news event centered on the latest Mac Apple products will be held in October. Of course, it should be noted that there was no sign of Apple’s press event in the second half of 2017, and there was not even speculation about Apple’s new MacBooks.

        • Apple might not ship the HomePod speaker in limited quantities this year

        • 19% of Apple customers are interested in HomePod smart speaker
        • Apple introduced the HomePod smart speaker to compete with Google Home and Amazon Echo

Apple has updated Macs and iPads with new products in June; For this reason, there will be no news of a new Macbook or iPad tablet in the last quarter of this year. Of course, Apple plans to introduce the HomePod and iMac Pro smart speakers later this year, and more details on these products will be available in December. Cupertinos to launch smart speaker HomePod and desktop computer iMac Pro, hold a news event; Because these two products were previously unveiled at the Apple Developer Conference (WWDC) in June.

Instead of holding a separate news event, we expect more details from both products, the HomePod speaker and the iMac desktop computer. Pro is presented on Apple’s official website; For this reason, we will no longer see special news events in 2017. Although the HomePod smart speaker and iMac Pro desktop computer will be presented in December; An exact time has not yet been announced to provide more details of these products and their release to the market.

Apple’s HomePod smart speaker has a price tag of $349 and will be available in two colors, white and gray. This smart speaker is equipped with Apple’s exclusive voice assistant, Siri, and the A8 chip is its beating heart. In addition to playing music, Apple’s HomePod can answer your questions; For example, you can ask it about the weather, traffic, and your daily tasks.

Apple’s new iMac Pro uses a 27-inch 5K display with HDR image technology. Apple’s new iMac Pro is equipped with an 18-core Intel Xeon processor and an AMD Radeon Vega GPU. This model will go to the market with a price of 4999 dollars and the operating system macOS High Sierra is installed on it.

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