Apple topped the 2020 tablet and PC market customer satisfaction chart

Apple topped the 2020 tablet and PC market customer satisfaction chart

Apple topped the 2020 tablet and PC market customer satisfaction chart

Big manufacturers operate in the market of tablets and personal computers, each of which has its fans. In these two high-traffic markets, Apple’s Mac and iPads have been able to attract more user satisfaction than any other product. In this way, the Cupertinos have succeeded in leaving behind Samsung. According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index in 2020, Apple has topped the list of personal computer and smart tablet customer satisfaction.

Apple at the top of the game PC and tablet customer satisfaction 2020

The report of the Consumer Electronics and Appliances Agency of America for Apple in the user satisfaction section of personal computers and tablets of this company shows a score of 82, which is a decrease of one point compared to last year. However, with this score, the Cupertinos have been able to overcome their famous competitors in terms of customer satisfaction. On the ACSI website, there is a list of companies with their customer satisfaction scores, which shows that Apple is higher than Samsung with a score of 81, Acer with a score of 78, Amazon with a score of 78, Dell with a score of 77, and HP with the same score. This table is located. It should be noted that these scores are related to devices in the laptop, tablet and desktop computer sectors.

In the laptop market, Apple and Samsung have the highest satisfaction scores as in the last 5 years, if In terms of desktop systems, these two have less points than the bigger manufacturers of this market. While Apple has been praised for its product design and satisfied users, Samsung has been selected as the best manufacturer by customers in terms of providing valuable products. Apple is on the verge of releasing the next generation of its iPhones, the iPhone 12 series, and this report is considered an important victory for Cupertinos at such a time. Both Samsung and Apple have come a long way to reach where they are today, and their competition has made both companies make better products.

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