Apple took the first position of the top smartphone seller in China

Apple took the first position of the top smartphone seller in China

Apple took the first position of the top smartphone seller in China

New research shows that after the fourth quarter of 2015, Apple has become the top smartphone seller in China for the first time. In fact, with iPhone’s 23% share of the Chinese smartphone market, this company has gained the largest market share in its history in this country.

According to AppleInsider, Apple warned of severe sales problems in China in 2019 And it claimed that it will present plans to restore its success in China. Now, Counterpoint Research has claimed that not only has Apple become the largest smartphone brand in China; Rather, it has broken its record in terms of market share in this country. The combination of pricing and profit strategy has been fundamentally better than Huawei’s. Right after the release of the iPhone 13 in December 2021, Apple won the position of the top smartphone seller in China and then remained in the first place until the fourth quarter.

Mengmeng Zhang mentioned It is that the iPhone 13 became a successful product in China due to the relatively cheaper initial price and the use of a new camera and features such as 5G support. In addition, Huawei, Apple’s main competitor in the flagship phone market, faced a significant decrease in the sales of its products due to the continuation of the US sanctions.

Apple was previously known as the best-selling smartphone manufacturer in China in 2015; When, according to Counterpoint, the iPhone 6 supercycle was at its peak. However, while Apple has achieved the largest share in the Chinese market, the amount of phone sales in this market has decreased significantly. According to a Counterpoint report, smartphone sales in China fell 9 percent year-on-year in the fourth quarter, marking the third consecutive quarter of sales decline.

Evan Lam, senior analyst Counterpoint says:

The market in China continues to decline due to various supply-side and demand-side factors, and the ongoing shortage of parts has affected the shipments of all manufacturing companies. In addition, the average smartphone replacement cycle in China has lengthened, and ultimately, China is experiencing a complex economic environment in which exports will drive growth and dwarf domestic spending.

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Counterpoint reports that Apple’s 23% share in the fourth quarter of 2021 has made this company the top seller of smartphones in China. In this list, Vivo is in second place with a 19% share, followed by Oppo and Honor with a 17% and 15% share, respectively.

Since Samsung has long-awaited sales in China, Counterpoint has included this brand in the list of other companies; That is, a group that has a total of 4% of China’s smartphone market share.

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