Apple started production of iPhone 13 in India

Apple started production of iPhone 13 in India

Apple started production of iPhone 13 in India

Apparently, Apple has started the production of one of its newest iPhones in India. According to engadget And according to Reuters, Apple has decided to start the production of iPhone 13 (Apple iPhone 13) in India. Apple has not specifically said which factory is in charge of producing the iPhone 13; But Reuters, quoting an anonymous source, claimed that one of Foxconn’s factories in the city of Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu province is assembling the iPhone 13. The iPhone 13 is the fourth iPhone to be manufactured in India. Cupertino started the production of iPhone in India in 2017 with the first generation iPhone SE.

If Apple did not produce the iPhone 13 in India, the price of this phone would be much higher compared to the price of competing phones that are produced in India.

  • Apple iPhone production process has begun at Wistron India factory
  • Apple will probably shift one-fifth of iPhone production lines from China to India

Apple In recent years, it has tried to diversify its product lines and reduce its dependence on China in order to reduce the effects of trade disputes between the United States and China on its operations. Manufacturing the phone in India will help Apple temporarily mitigate the effects of the problems caused by the factories in China. Rumors say that Apple plans to move part of the production of AirPods and MacBook to Vietnam. Of course, another news agency has claimed that the spread of the coronavirus has delayed Apple’s plans. that this country has recently faced problems in the field of manual labor. The riot at Wistron’s iPhone factory in the Narasapura industrial area in late 2020 was very marginal. At that time, workers protested widely due to unpaid wages, long working hours and harsh working conditions.

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