Apple is likely working on a foldable iPhone with a different display than the competition

Apple is likely working on a foldable iPhone with a different display than the competition

Apple is likely working on a foldable iPhone with a different display than the competition

According to The Verge According to Mingchi Kuo, Apple is working on a kind of foldable iPhone that uses a color screen on the outside of the company. It uses E Ink.

Ming-Chi Kuo, a long-time whistleblower focused on Apple products, says the electronic paper display (aka EPD) has the potential to become a mainstream solution for external displays. become foldable devices, because it has low energy consumption. Mingchi Kuo also says that E Ink displays are now undergoing a series of tests in tablet-like scenarios.

Most foldable devices today are equipped with a large flexible internal display and a conventional external display. Thanks to the external screen, the user can use their foldable device like normal devices.

Phones such as Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Oppo Find N use OLED panels for both their displays. . Apple’s use of an electronic paper display means that the external screen of the foldable iPhone will have fewer colors and more limited capabilities, but its big advantage will be low power consumption.


E Ink Gallery 3 is a new version of E Ink color technology that can produce more colors and display higher resolution. The refresh rate of this new screen is much higher than previous E Ink screens; However, even the new E Ink screen is not as responsive as OLED and LCD panels. E Ink promotional videos show that the new Gallery 3 display can be folded and rolled.

Many rumors say that Apple will officially join Samsung and Huawei in the foldable phone market in the not too distant future. . In 2021, it was announced that Apple is experimentally adding a foldable screen to the iPhone, and Ming-Chi Kuo claimed last month that Apple will unveil a foldable device with a 9-inch screen in 2025.

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Bloomberg says in a separate report that Apple may be working on some kind of foldable laptop It also works with a 20-inch screen. Of course, the release of this device will not happen before 2026. In his latest revelation, Ming-Chi Kuo did not mention the dimensions of the E Ink screen.

Currently, foldable devices on the market are based on Android, and Android applications are often not optimized for the foldable form factor. However, Apple has already taken steps in this field through iPadOS, and the foldable iPhone will probably have high compatibility with various applications from the very beginning.

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