Apple is likely to lose $12.8 billion to Facebook this year

Apple is likely to lose $12.8 billion to Facebook this year

Apple is likely to lose $12.8 billion to Facebook this year

Approximately a year ago, Apple released the iOS 14.5 operating system with features such as unlocking the iPhone with a mask by having an Apple Watch and new emojis, and the controversial system App Tracking Transparency (so-called to ATT) also enabled. 12 months later, a new report shows how ATT could affect the advertising revenue of big companies like Facebook, Twitter, Snap and YouTube in 2022.

Lotame Institute’s new report states that due to the activation of the ATT feature, the revenue of the major platforms of the technology industry is likely to drop by approximately 16 billion dollars.

  • Facebook and Snapchat still have access to users’ data despite Apple’s ATT feature
  • App Tracking What is Apple’s Transparency and why is Facebook criticizing it?

According to ATT, apps should be able to track user activities in other apps and websites before they can. get permission In such a situation, most users do not allow their activities to be tracked.

For example, when you open Facebook, a pop-up pops up asking you to give permission for your activities to be tracked. Two options, Ask App not to Track and Allow, are displayed on the screen.

By 9to5Mac, part of the Lotame report states that the Mark Zuckerberg is about to take the biggest financial hit.

This means that 81% of the total expected loss of 16 billion dollars belongs to Facebook.

As you can see in the above diagram, despite the negative effects of ATT, Snap, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube companies They still have a great opportunity to continue their growing trend. Lotame website.

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