Apple is apparently monitoring the performance of competitors to offer a foldable iPhone

Apple is apparently monitoring the performance of competitors to offer a foldable iPhone

Apple is apparently monitoring the performance of competitors to offer a foldable iPhone

So far, several companies such as Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola have launched foldable phones, and recently other Android phone manufacturers have joined the group. However, due to some problems and their exorbitant price, the mentioned phones have not been so well received, and this has caused Apple, the technology giant based in Cupertino, to monitor the market and only provide patents and research and development in its laboratories. It will be enough to produce and release a more complete and successful product than its competitors.

Now, a leaker on Twitter by the name of DylanDKT claims that Apple is doing trial and error on several folding iPhone models; But apparently, the company has concerns about the general trend of folding smartphones and has not yet made a final decision to enter this field; Because it is said that Apple is not optimistic about the future of foldable phones.

As a result, it seems that Apple is carefully monitoring the market to learn from the mistakes of its competitors. In fact, the Cupertinos intend to ensure that the foldable iPhones will perform as well as the current iPhones in hardware and even in sales.

It is interesting to know that not long ago, a report by Ross Young, an analyst of the display industry, was published. Which showed that the iPhone with a foldable screen will not be unveiled until at least 2024. Yang believes that we should not wait for the unveiling of Apple’s foldable phone in 2023; Because the evolution of the display supply chain does not show that Apple has any intention to release a foldable phone in this period. Previously, it was said that Samsung will be Apple’s main supplier for the foldable OLED display, and it is understood that the company has provided a large number of foldable display prototypes to Apple for testing in the past year.

  • Bloomberg: The beginning of testing the foldable iPhone and embedding the fingerprint sensor under the iPhone 13 display

Early last year, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Z Fold 3, which It is the third version of this company’s foldable smartphone. Samsung’s early Galaxy Fold devices were plagued with issues; But due to Apple’s late entry into this field, Samsung has another three years to solve the problems with little competition in the field of foldable smartphones. (mounted-on-head) based on augmented and virtual reality technology. Besides, this company’s entry into the self-driving and electric car industry is mentioned as the main ambition of Cupertinos in the coming years. Ming-Chi Kuo recently announced that Apple plans to completely replace iPhone phones with mixed reality headsets by 2030; Therefore, it is natural that folding phones are not a priority for Apple.

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