Apple hires more software engineers than hardware engineers

Apple hires more software engineers than hardware engineers

Apple hires more software engineers than hardware engineers

According to the statistics and information published by the Thinknum website and the employment information data of Apple, for the first time Since the first quarter of 2016, Apple has hired more software engineers than hardware engineers hiring.

The website Thinknum claims that since the third quarter of 2018, looking at the list of jobs required by Apple for Apple’s software activities and services, from job activities related to the field of Hardware has been overtaken.

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Joshua Froehlinger of Thinknum extracted information about Apple’s job listing specifically from Apple’s job portal, which Does not include the recruitment list of third party companies. The Thinknum website has reviewed the list of jobs required by Apple since the first quarter of 2016. As a result, it is not clear what the demand for the employment of Cupertino residents for software and hardware engineers was before 2016.

The extracted statistical information, whether true or false, is meaningful data. In recent years, Apple has focused more on the development of its services, including the Apple Store and Apple Music. It was previously reported that Apple’s news service and video streaming service on March 25 is expected to be 5 to be introduced in February. Also, Cupertino residents are paying more attention to machine learning, Siri based on artificial intelligence. All of these areas are somehow related to software engineering.

Currently, more than 1.4 billion Apple devices are being actively used by users around the world. The saturated market and the increase in prices have reduced the market demand for buying some products. Earlier $9 billion reduction in Apple sales forecast as a result of falling demand for iPhone . In other news, it was said that Apple’s revenue from iPhone sales during the fall of 2018 It has faced a 15% decrease. Apple has already sold hundreds of millions of devices to users around the world, and it plans to focus on the ecosystem of services and software features related to these devices, and to achieve this goal, it will need to hire more software engineers.

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