Apple has probably stopped working on Touch ID under the display

Apple has probably stopped working on Touch ID under the display

Apple has probably stopped working on Touch ID under the display

Media iDrop News, which specializes in news and related to Apple, has said in a controversial claim that Apple engineers are working on the fingerprint sensor under the display. They don’t work for iPhone. iDrop News says that after talking to people with knowledge of the matter, who did not want to be named, it has learned that the development of under-display Touch ID has stopped.

Major phone makers such as Xiaomi and Samsung have long moved the fingerprint sensor under the display. Have; However, Apple has never used this technology. Apple must find a way to remove the notch to achieve a full-screen iPhone. This notch houses the Face ID sensors. One of the claims made by the whistleblowers was that Apple will move Touch ID under the display and eliminate Face ID at least in some iPhone models. Eyedrop News says that Apple has been working on Touch ID technology for several years. Screen worked; But it seems that Face ID is still the best solution for user authentication. It is said that in the first month of this year, Apple has decided to completely transfer the expertise and resources of the Touch ID team to the team working on Face ID.

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iOS 15.4 makes it possible to unlock Face ID even with a mask, and with this, One of the biggest problems of iPhone users during the coronavirus world is solved. Apple continues its efforts to improve Face ID, so that in the not too distant future, we will see the sensors of this technology moved under the display. It is possible that iPhone 13 Pro will host this technology; But Apple finally decided to mature the technology and then move on to using it. Currently, the cameras under the display are of low quality and do not appear to the extent of the iPhone’s camera.

In the continuation of its report, Eyedrop News says that Apple’s first phone without a notch is going to be the iPhone 15 Pro. This phone will probably be available to customers in September 2023.

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