Apparently, the problem in the supply chain of the Galaxy S22 family seems serious

Apparently, the problem in the supply chain of the Galaxy S22 family seems serious

Apparently, the problem in the supply chain of the Galaxy S22 family seems serious

Samsung plans to unveil the next generation of “S” series smartphones along with its other products by holding the Unpacked event on 20th of February. However, a tweet from John Prosser, a well-known tech leaker, suggests that all Galaxy S22 models may be delayed due to supply chain issues.

This is not the first time he has said that. This family of Samsung smartphones may be delayed. For example, a report was published recently and claimed that some models may even be available up to three months after the unveiling! However, it seems that John Prosser’s estimated ranges are the most optimistic.

The aforementioned leaker says that pre-sale of all models will be done as planned on February 9th. However, the release of the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be postponed to February 25 (March 6) at best; While Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus will be released on March 11 (March 20). It is not clear exactly what problem in the supply chain led to the delay; But if he remembers, the rumors before the official introduction of Exynos 2200 indicated that the said chip is facing thermal problems and Samsung will reduce the working frequency of the cores to prevent it.

He even said at one point. It could be that Samsung will not use its own chips in the Galaxy S22 family this year due to the aforementioned problem; Therefore, we anticipate that the Korean company’s new SOC (system-on-chip) along with the global shortage of semiconductor components will be one of the reasons for the supply delay.

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As we mentioned at the beginning, almost all the specifications of all three phones from this family have been revealed. And you can refer to this link, the latest news related to Samsung products and Browse the company’s new smartphones. In general, in recent years, the disclosure of details and specifications of products under construction by companies before their official launch has become a common situation. It is predictable and this can lead to less excitement for future events and products. This problem is not just about whistleblowers; Because sometimes the companies themselves share information and reveal almost all the details ahead of time in order to be seen in the virtual space and to market their products.

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