Aores FI27Q-P gaming monitor with 165 Hz panel was introduced

Aores FI27Q-P gaming monitor with 165 Hz panel was introduced

Aores FI27Q-P gaming monitor with 165 Hz panel was introduced

If you remember, during the Gamescom exhibition 2019, EMGblog News published the introduction of Aures AD27QD monitor with 144 Hz panel and high color accuracy. Monitor for gamers with 10-bit IPS panel, 1440p resolution, 95% DCI-P3 color space coverage, FreeSync and G-Sync technology support for AMD and Nvidia for a smoother gaming experience, a response time of 1 millisecond and of course the ability to support HDR content (with the 400 nit VESA standard HDR 400).

The company recently introduced several upgraded models of its particular monitor , the latest of which is the Aureus. It is called FI27Q-P, which has solved and evolved most of the shortcomings of the initial model. But before introducing the features of this model, first, it is better to discuss the concept of tactical gaming monitor from GIGABYTE’s point of view. Don’t be surprised because Gigabyte claims this is the world’s first series of “tactical” gaming monitors. But why is GIGABYTE trying to create a new category in the world of gaming monitors and why did they add the word “Tactical” to this expensive $600 professional gaming monitor? As we explained in detail in the news related to the previous model, Gigabyte claims that their gaming monitor, in addition to high image quality, to create a distinction for their products, regardless of marketing reasons , with its capabilities, it makes players (especially online games) better than other competitors. in a way that is equivalent to the cheat codes in the game without the violation or the need for computer software or hardware; Things like better visibility in dark scenes, more stable aiming, quieter environment when talking with others especially in group games, as well as displaying graphic data on the monitor (OSD Sidekick) without the need of a computer; such as frame rate, personalized targeting hood (even if the game doesn’t have a hood at all) and many more.

Eliminating ambient sounds, regardless of the presence or absence of this feature in the headset

This series of tactical gaming monitors uses microphones located in the body of the monitor. It listens to the sound of the environment and reduces the intensity of disturbing sounds by producing the opposite frequency. In fact, this feature is not for the user to hear better, but for his teammates to hear his own voice better. That is, if you connect your headset directly to the monitor, regardless of the presence or absence of noise canceling in the headset, the disturbing noise around the user’s microphone will be removed so that the user’s voice can be heard clearly. Especially in the new model, the “active noise cancellation” or ANC for short has been upgraded to version 0.2, which has improved the noise-to-signal ratio (SNR) up to 120 dB and the maximum input impedance of 600. Therefore, in addition to removing noise, by connecting high-impedance headphones to the monitor’s headphone jack, gamers can enjoy high-quality sound and music through the AORUS FI27Q-P monitor.

In terms of exterior design, this model uses the same design language as before and, as before, RGB lighting around And behind the monitor, it uses digital LEDs that can be synchronized with other gamer lightings. This company not only pays attention to the beauty of the monitor, but also pays special attention to it in terms of functionality and ergonomics. Even for this series of monitors, there is a handle on the top of the monitor base so that gamers can move it easily. Aores has not even forgotten the management of the cables connecting to the monitor and by installing a special rubber ring at the bottom of the connection ports, it puts all the cables together well.

The most important upgrade of this model is related to higher bandwidth (HB3), so you can use the maximum capabilities of this monitor at the same time. The issue that caused limitations in the previous models.

The exclusive black color equalizer technology, version 2

The exclusive black equalizer technology (darkness) has been upgraded to version 2.0. This technology can process 1294 parts of the image simultaneously without the need of a computer and adds more light to the dark areas of the image so that none of the dark corners of the image are hidden from the gamer’s view.

There are many exclusive features in this gaming monitor that can give the player a tactical advantage over the competition. excuseme. Among them, black equalizer, aiming stabilizer, game assistant, hardware information dashboard, external OSD, and most of all, the ability to remove active noise called ANC, all of which provide the gamer with more control over the game and the computer.


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