Another phone from the OnePlus Nord series exploded in India

Another phone from the OnePlus Nord series exploded in India

Another phone from the OnePlus Nord series exploded in India

Oneplus has faced a lot of problems recently due to the explosion of the Nord series of smartphones. Over the past few months, a number of OnePlus Nord 2 owners have published reports of the phone exploding.

According to gizmochina, now another OnePlus device has exploded in India, but this time the phone in question is not the Nord 2, but actually the OnePlus Nord CE .

One of the Twitter users named Guasumi has published pictures of the explosion of the OnePlus Nord CE smartphone. This user claimed that the phone exploded while it was out of his pocket. He also mentioned that he bought his phone about 6 months ago.

In addition to publishing this news on Twitter, Gosumi also reported this incident on LinkedIn. However, the posts related to the incident have now been deleted by this user and the user has stated that the OnePlus team has promised to send him a new phone.

He explained about this incident in his Twitter account as follows:

I have purchased one of the popular OnePlus brand smartphones; A brand that promises the best quality. My phone has only been working for 6 months and yesterday it literally exploded while I was taking it out of my pocket. This is not only bad, but deadly. Is this brand responsible for four similar incidents?

Of course, as we mentioned, this post has now been deleted.

  • Another OnePlus Nord 2 series phone explodes in India

He also shared pictures with the text which showed that the back and front of his phone were completely damaged and all the main components of the device, including the battery, display and camera, were completely damaged. It is gone.

Until this moment, OnePlus has not released any statement about this incident. As mentioned above, in the past we have also seen the explosion of a number of other OnePlus Nord 2 series smartphones, but this company has not provided any specific information about this and the reason.

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