Android 13 is likely to reduce the loading times of games

Android 13 is likely to reduce the loading times of games

Android 13 is likely to reduce the loading times of games

Google in Android 12 by adding a series of features New for mobile gamers and developers tried to bring the experience of video games on Android phones to a new level. Some selected phones such as the Google Pixel 6 series are equipped with the new Game Dashboard software, which provides access to useful tools such as screenshot shortcuts, The screen recorder enables Do Not Disturb and… while playing games. Meanwhile, the new Game Mode API enables developers to design different profiles and customize their game based on user needs. Optimize to provide the best performance or consume the least energy.

As XDA Developers writes, the trend of improving the experience of mobile games in Android 13 (Android 13) also continues with the addition of several new features.

Apparently Android 13 Google is going to add a new feature called setGameState to the GameManager interface. Thanks to the aforementioned feature, games will be able to report their current status to the system. Also, gamers can use setGameState to tell the system whether the game is loading resources, assets, etc.

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The platform then sends the loading duration to the Power HAL to enable the new GAME_LOADING mode and boost CPU performance. Android phone manufacturers can make modifications to the functionality of this feature.

In theory, the new feature will reduce the initial loading time of mobile games on Android phones. Many Android phone manufacturers are already applying various optimizations (such as allocating more resources to the CPU and GPU) to reduce game loading time.

It is said that Google plans to test the Add the mentioned feature to the Vendor Test Suite and force the activation of GAME_LOADING mode for all devices that come with Android 13 and later versions of Android.

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