America has demanded the production of 5G hardware outside of China

America has demanded the production of 5G hardware outside of China

America has demanded the production of 5G hardware outside of China

The pessimism of the American government is not limited to the use of hardware companies in this country in using Chinese parts in equipment and products related to the 5G network and American companies may be forced to produce their products in general and without using Chinese parts in a country other than China .

And according to information published in the Wall Street Journal, Donald Trump’s administration may enact a law that would require American companies to design and manufacture their 5G network products and equipment outside of China. For this purpose, American telecommunication companies have been requested to produce the equipment and parts used in the American telecommunication network outside of China if possible.

It seems that the negotiations and decision-making regarding this matter are in the initial and informal stages and no decision has been taken to officially announce any new executive orders or regulations. However, the executive decree issued in relation to the review of the supply chain of telecommunication parts requires the legislators to prepare laws in accordance with this decree by October of this year. Despite this executive order and even taking into account the possibility that the new regulations will not be approved, there is not much time left to implement the changes desired by the government. America has not answered their question.

Regardless of whether there is a justification for applying new restrictions or not, the logic of the recent action of the American government is quite clear. Because the main concern of the United States government is the Chinese government’s attempt to infiltrate the American telecommunications network and demand from Chinese hardware manufacturers to insert codes and spy software into the parts used in the telecommunications network. As a result, Beijing can easily spy on the infrastructure, sensitive government centers and individuals in the United States and obtain confidential information. China has put the loss of the United States market

So far, such a thing has not been reported by the security agencies in the United States, but some companies active in the field of telecommunication hardware production, such as Super Micro, are withdrawing their product lines from China has done this in order to reduce the risk of any possible legal action by the US government to zero and fulfill its obligations to customers.

Experts and activists in the field of information technology and telecommunication networks believe that if the US government imposes new legal restrictions such as the lack of production of telecommunication parts in China apply slowly, the pressure on the telecommunications parts and equipment market will increase even more. Right now, Ericsson and Nokia are moving their product lines out of China in order to avoid the tariffs imposed by the American government. But in the current situation, it doesn’t seem that there is any choice but to leave China for companies that produce telecommunication network equipment. Because the American government has put these companies on the path of choosing between cheap production in China or losing the US market.

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