According to unofficial news, Carl P, the 31-year-old founder of OnePlus, has left the company (official announcement).

According to unofficial news, Carl P, the 31-year-old founder of OnePlus, has left the company (official announcement).

According to unofficial news, Carl P, the 31-year-old founder of OnePlus, has left the company (official announcement). : Few people believe that a small startup can To become one of the most reliable manufacturers of advanced smartphones in the world within three or four years. This phenomenon is more like a fantasy or a dream, but OnePlus fulfilled this dream. Founded in 2013 by two ambitious young people in China, the startup now has products that can easily compete with giants like Samsung and Apple compete and maybe surpass them in some cases. But now apparently one of these two young men has left OnePlus Is. The news of the virtual space indicates that Carl Pei, one of the two founders of OnePlus, has separated from the company and is looking to start his own independent business.

Update Friday, October 16, 2020 (November 25, 2019): After numerous speculations and the release of unofficial news on this matter, Carl Pay is finally on A short post on the OnePlus forum has officially announced the departure of this series: “After nearly 7 years in OnePlus, I have made the difficult decision to say goodbye.” In the continuation of this post, while pointing to the positive experience and achievements of OnePlus during the seven-year period of being in this company, Pai has spoken about the decision to reduce pressure and spend time with his family and then follow his heart for what comes in the future.

Main news: According to a rumor first reported by the Android Police website Published, screenshots of some internal OnePlus documents – leaked on the social network Reddit – revealed that Carl P is no longer part of the OnePlus management team. Also, these documents indicate that the leadership of the production line of the Nord series of smartphones – which was in charge of Carl P – has been transferred to another person named Emily Dai (Emily Dai). At first, the OnePlus spokesperson refused to comment on Carl P’s departure from the company, and this strengthened the rumors. Because if this news was not true, OnePlus would deny it. Further, two sources close to OnePlus confirmed that Carl P has parted ways with OnePlus over the past few weeks.

Carl Pei

In recent years, Carl Pei has played an important role in the design of the product line OnePlus, among the most important of which we can mention the Nord series, which is one of the loudest series of OnePlus phones until It is considered today. Carl P was one of the pillars of OnePlus; Attending business conferences as a OnePlus representative, interacting with customers, interviewing the media and appearing in documentaries about how the OnePlus Nord was developed confirms this.

In recent years, Carl P has developed various strategies for the company in order to promote the position of OnePlus and market its products. In 2014 and 2015, when OnePlus was struggling with the problem of increasing its inventory, the company’s phones were successfully sold through invitations and several other marketing techniques. In one of the most interesting techniques, people were asked to destroy their current phone in order to buy a new OnePlus smartphone!

In the first few years of the company’s establishment, Carl P mainly spent time in cheap hotels in China and India to In this way, he can have a better understanding of the market of these two countries. Currently, OnePlus is one of the most successful high-end smartphone makers in India and several other markets.

Carl P says in one of his interviews: “We didn’t have proper product management. “We would make up for our inexperience in a few hours.” At one point in his life, Carl P publicly asked Samsung to hire him. The purpose of his request was to learn more about how to oversee operations and logistics. His personal blog says: “Samsung! Today I have an offer for you: let me be your intern. Separately. It would be an honor to learn from you how you have been able to successfully scale, operate and manage your business.”

Carl P in 2012 via social media with another young man named Pete Love. (Pete Lau) met. A year later, they founded OnePlus. Pete Love is currently the CEO of OnePlus. In an interview he did in 2015, he said about Carl P’s ambition: Carl P said he wanted to change the world. I said to myself, this kid has ambitious thoughts and dreams. In my opinion, it comes from the heart and is very important. I think he has a lot of persistence. It’s not bad to know, years before the establishment of OnePlus, Carl P, in collaboration with one of his friends, was selling unknown MP3 player devices made by other companies.

Pete Lau CEO of OnePlus

In conclusion, it is true that OnePlus is a well-known brand and currently its employees reach 2,700 people, but there is no doubt that the departure of a powerful executive like Carl P is difficult for OnePlus and his vacancy will be in the next round of product launches. The new company will be felt. Needless to say, Carl P – who is only 31 years old – has no plans to join Samsung. According to a person close to Pi, he plans to start his own business. He is currently in negotiations with several investors to attract capital.

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